Grey's Anatomy Recap: Desperate Measures

Greys Anatomy This week on Grey’s Anatomy, April reopens the ER, Jackson and Alex compete to be Seattle Grace’s “show pony,” and Callie comes to a conclusion that (c’mon, admit it) we’ve all been waiting for. Here’s how it all goes down:

A DATE WITH DESTINY | On a ride-along date with hot paramedic Matthew – and they say romance is dead! – April phones Jackson to beg him to allow her to bring a hit-and-run victim into the defunct ER. “He’ll die if we take him to the faraway nearest trauma center!” she says (more or less). So, not only does Jackson relent, but before long, he’s also enlisted the help of pretty much the entire cast – minus Owen and Alana, of course. (The best part of the whole thing: Cristina referring to Jo, Heather and Shane as Ponytail, Mousy and Happy. Damn, she slays me.) Later, after everyone’s been busted and let off with scoldings, Matthew confesses to April that he likes her (well, duh!), and, in return, she plants a wet one on him (well, all right!).

MAY THE BEST MAN WIN | Though at first Alex has no interest in becoming Seattle Grace’s new brand ambassador – or, as he puts it, “mascot” – his competitive spirit is awakened when he learns that Jackson is also being considered for the job. In the end, however, it appears that both hunks have been passed over: It’s Derek’s smiling face that appears on a newly hung poster. On the personal front, Alex – egged on by Meredith (and just about everyone else in existence) – begins to reconsider his feelings for Jo… so much so that, during their donut toast to the survival of the hit-and-run, he looks like he’s seriously considering kissing the powdered sugar off of her lips. (Then again, powdered donuts are his favorite.)

SECRET AGENT | Upon learning that Pegasus Horizon is to be Seattle Grace’s new owner, Callie and Richard go (hilariously) undercover at another of their hospitals as patient Julio Plantain and his wife, Calliope. At first, they’re begrudgingly impressed by the joint’s efficiency. But, after a bitch session with the doctors there, they realize how godawful working on such an assembly line is going to be. Richard’s solution? He says he’ll take early retirement. Callie’s? She tells her fellow lawsuit victors – except for Cristina, who’s off getting jiggy with Owen – “We should buy the hospital ourselves!”

Okay, your turn. What did you think? Are you glad Callie finally said what we’ve all been thinking ever since we found out the hospital was going to be sold? (Heck, since we found out the ER was being closed!) Are you looking forward to an Alex/Jo hook-up? How funny were Callie and Richard undercover? Sound off below!