Vampire Diaries Recap: Bad Romance, Bad Witch

A View to a KillOn Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, Stefan schooled Rebekah on the ’80s, Bonnie showed off her badass magic mojo and Jeremy and Elena went after Kol. Along the way, several hearts got broken. Let’s revisit the episode’s highlights:

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HOW TO STOP AN ORIGINAL | In order to get her brother to kill Kol and grow his hunter’s mark, Elena lures the Original into a trap with the promise of a truce in the name of Silas. Jeremy’s forced to let Kol into their home as his sis tries to convince him she’ll stop looking for the cure if he leaves Jeremy alone. Besides, she explains, she doesn’t want the hell on Earth that will come with Silas’ rising any more than he does. The plan backfires, however, when Kol rejects her truce offer and attacks them. He stakes Elena to the wall while strapping Jer down on the kitchen island so he can chop of his arms! Elena’s able to get free eventually and save her brother and set Kol on fire, which even makes Klaus shed a tear. He vows to kill them all. He planned to anyway after destroying the cure. Bonnie arrives just in time to basically turn Klaus into a mime act by trapping him in an invisible box in the Gilbert living room. It will buy them three or four days to find the cure, she explains. And bam! Hulk Jeremy rips his shirt because his growing hunter’s mark cannot be contained.

DANCE WITH ME | Stefan tries to sneak out of Rebekah’s bedroom the morning after their tryst. Vamp super speed helps, but he’s still caught in the act by Klaus. “Leaving so soon?” taunts the Original. After the ’80s decade dance is canceled, Stefan and Rebekah break into the school and he tells her about the wonders of the time period (The Cure! Bon Jovi! Say Anything!) and even teaches her The Breakfast Club slide. It’s all very sweet and cute, but unfortunately, he’s just trying to distract her while Matt searches her place for the dagger to kill Kol. In the end, Rebekah gives it up to Stefan – it was with her all along – because she wants to be human again and find someone who will hold up a boom box for her. This is going to end badly for her, isn’t it?

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BONNIE DARKO | Remember how Shane said Bonnie was a ticking time bomb? Well, she’s going off. Her dad calls in her mom Abby for reinforcement and to clear the witch’s mind of the darkness he’s filled it with. “It’s expression, and I need it!” Bonnie exclaims. Spoken like a true addict. And isn’t it a little hypocritical that Bonnie defends the magic Shane has taught her, but then pretty much calls Shane a crazy person who’s been locked up when her dad brings up the professor’s warning? And yes, Bonnie is proving herself to be instrumental and powerful, but at what cost? She almost killed her own mom!

RELATIONSHIP ADVICE | Klaus, forced to babysit Damon, starts poking around about how Elena has forgiven all his bad deeds. How is that possible? But what he really wants to know is how to get Caroline to forgive him, especially after he killed Carol Lockwood. Damon tells him he does bad things to be a dick. “Be bad with purpose,” he says. “Otherwise you’re not worth forgiving.” Later on, things get ugly between Damon and Stefan when the elder Salvatore lets it slip in front of Elena that his brother slept with Rebekah. Stefan pointedly suggests that his bro should use his sire bond to his advantage to calm Elena, and then the fists go flying.

And lastly, a few more standout lines:

– Damon says his brother “ripped out a page of my revenge sex handbook.” Can Revenge get one of those, too?

– Stefan on the Originals: “They may be dysfunctional, bickering lunatics, but they stick together.”

– Kol describing the threat of Silas: “That’s the problem with people today – they’ve lost faith, and in that loss, they no longer know who they should fear.”

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of this week’s episode? Was anyone else bummed that Stefan was just using Rebekah? Were you sad to see Kol go? And what do you suppose Caroline and Tyler are up to?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ari says:

    I am so mad that they killed Kol. Not to be dramatic but I’m done with this season. I’ll read the recaps but I’m not watching this anymore. There’s only so much punishment I can take.

    • you are so right!
      totaly uncool killing kol!
      the show needs the originals!!

      • S says:

        No, it actually doesn’t.

        • Annie says:

          Finally someone who agrees. The Originals bog the show down. It was fine with only Elijah, but when the others came and stuck around forever, it ruined them as villains and made the show cramped character-wise. The best episodes are the ones with little to no original interaction (see 4×02). Also Original drama brought about Alaric’s death and I’ll be forever bitter about that.

          • jericho says:

            While I agree with you that the Originals bog down the show, I would say that Rebekkah actually seems to have a place on the show. I actually like the character and was saddened when she was daggered for a large portion of previous seasons.

            Take heart though, with Klaus and Elijah primed to get their own spinoff next season, you will only have to deal with miss R next season (I hope).

          • Elyse says:

            agreed. plus the originals are getting their own show so they won’t be around much longer.

          • A says:

            Agree on the Alaric note, and about the Originals being played out. Elijah was a standout, and I suppose Rebekah has a place on the show as someone mentioned, but she sort of falls on her face as a villain. She’s too whiny, and seems to cry in every episode she’s in. Which is fine, I guess, but I expect more from a villain. Can we give her something better to do? I’m tired of Klaus, and it really sucks that they can’t even kill him off after realizing that they all came from his bloodline…

          • luli says:

            Well Rebekah is by far my FAVORITE character! Clair Holt needs to become a regular ASAP.

          • JZ16 says:

            Kol was a good villian because he brought back the sort of tension that isn’t around with the originals since Klaus went soft for Caroline. Not to mention that he was with the witches for a while. That would have been a good topic for this season and they should have at least thoroughly explained his backstory before killing him off. We still don’t know why he hated damon or why he was daggered for a century.

            Alaric was around for 3 seasons and personally after Jenna’s death the only reason why he was around was for Damon and Elena. Not to mention that Matt Davis has his own show and probably wouldn’t be able to act as much on TVD as he would like.

      • jfender says:

        I agree! In previous episodes they’ve made out how extremely difficult it is to kill an original… seemed pretty damn easy in this episode. I REALLY didn’t want Kol to die!!!! Silas better raise him from the dead!

    • Ella says:

      Kol’s death didn’t have the same impact on me. He was never one of my favorite originals. Elijah and Rebekah, yes. And, to be honest, Alaric’s death was a much bigger loss IMHO. I liked this episode. Loved the Stefan/Rebekah scenes & Bonnie’s transformation is intense. Also loved the Damon/Klaus scenes.TVD remains one of my favorite shows!

      • Louanne Ambrose says:

        I am glad that Kol is dead as he is pure evil. I am disappointed that Klaus killed Tyler’s mom as how will Caroline forgive that?( previous episode) I find the possibility of a Klaus/Caroline fling intriguing. The lion and the lamb. It would be fun to watch Caroline humanize Klaus for a time. Tyler would have to break up with Caroline and take off for a couple months to grieve his mom’s loss so this could happen. I loved the Rebekkah / Stefan connection and the dance. Glad she finally got to go to a high school dance. She realized Stefan’s true intentions but I believe he likes her enough to want here to become human again and fulfill her human dreams. As for Damon and Elena, I want/believe her feelings for him are real, they always have been.We need a Damon/Elena

      • Russ says:

        Why are you comparing Kol to Alaric? Alaric was on for 3 seasons, Kol was in 7 episodes. It makes no sense to compare them.

    • jay says:

      kiiling kol was stupid.. plus killing killed tons of unknown vampires that some might have been good living there own lives and drama somewhereeles playing hero to some town or city. who knows that was complety rackless . beside now there the new show. shouldnd marcell be like at some point a few months back a couple vamps i was friends with droped dead for no reason. u mean killing an originals kills every vampire in that line . i want to kill elena now to where is mystic falls .

  2. Anna says:

    I am very sad they killed Kol…I kind of wanted him the spin-off. But, I didn’t start watching because him, and I am so looking forward to the rest of the season.

  3. S says:

    It was a great episode. I missed the Defan fight scenes and Jeremy’s bod is sexy! I really liked the Damon and Klaus scenes too. I actually also liked the Stebekah scenes too over last weeks. I like all the originals but sorry his death doesn’t make me sad. If they can kill Alaric of all characters off then Kol is nothing

    • Annie says:

      Damn right! I cried over Alaric’s death, but Kol’s death left me “Kold”… Anything to finish that freaking tattoo…we need to move on people! Haha

  4. Amanda says:

    Awful decision to kill Kol. If they want an Originals show, they should keep as many as they got.

  5. ollie says:

    awesome ep. almost everbody got to be badass for once including elena. somewhat surprised they killed off kol but it needed to be done.

    • Linda says:

      I agree with you 99%…finally Elena was given the chance to come up with a plan that actually works…not surprised with Kol dying though…it needed to be done cause the hunter’s mark bit was getting boring…now they completed the mark and the fun will begin on the race for the cure…I thought Bonnie was awesome on this episode.

  6. ollie says:

    and loved damon hitting stefen who is just as bad as everbody else. no one has a moral highground to stand on execept maybe matt .

  7. Talia says:

    Big problem with this show.. They kill off supporting characters who are more likeable than most of the main cast. I can’t even count how many great characters have been killed off by these incompetent writers the last 4 years. The storylines are so predictable, most people guessed Kol would be killed to fill that stupid tattoo from the moment he came back. It would be nice to be suprised for once.

  8. casey says:

    I liked the episode.

  9. cece says:

    It was a dumb move to kill Kol. I am enjoying Stefan/Rebekah though.

  10. Alyssa says:

    I love klaus Rebecca and Elijah for the originals and im so happy the damn mark is finished lol

  11. C says:

    I surprised myself with this episode — I couldn’t wait for more Bonnie scenes!

  12. Autumn says:

    It was an entertaining episode. I actually only felt bad for Klaus, Kol, and Rebecca though. I’m really beginning to think that Elena is a psychopath. I really cannot stand her.

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      THIS! I laughed at the look on her face when Damen said Stefan slept with Rebecca. Priceless!

      • Sophie says:

        Why were you laughing? She wasn’t more shocked than the rest of the people in that room…I can’t believe Stefan is trusting Rebekah and neither can they… Does she look like she’s pining for Stefan anymore? Go and re-watch her face when she saw Damon again and when Stefan made that nasty comment at the end…she wanted to slap him…hard!This comment was just ridiculous.

        • Wrstlgirl says:

          I was laughing because it was funny, I don’t need to rewatch anything. Elena is a self absorbed child. Thank you.

          • Sophie says:

            If hating on Elena makes you slept better at night, have at it, but that was nothing funny in that scene. Of course you don’t need to watch it. You already did and you know that what you said is simply not true. Have a good night :)

          • Wrstlgirl says:

            How I feel about fictional characters in television shows has no effect on how I sleep at night. Hint: they are not real! And just because you don’t agree with my opinion does not make it wrong. It’s just different from yours.

      • Elyse says:

        i agree with your comment 100% wrstlgirl!

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Glad someone else saw the humor :-) Just wait, she will whine to someone about it.

          • Dawnmac says:

            Agree, Sophia takes this show a bit to personally. I did rewind the part when Damon spills about their affair and yep that was a pissed look on Elena’s face. The spoiled brat can’t seem to comprehend that Stefan isn’t wallowing for her.

  13. jay says:

    im sorry but im done with this season until they bring katherine, killing kol was a mistake he was kool and unpredictable why does julie kill the kool character kill matt or tyler there boring and i wanted him in the orignal so yeah i aint watching that show nor more elijah is kool but only him in the original yeah no klaus could get annoying and the wolf girl really she aint even an orignal so that makes no sense

  14. Lucia says:

    Kol’s death was indeed predictable, but I do think I’ll miss him. He brought a different dynamic: Klaus is the villain with a plan, Rebekah the bad girl with a heart, Elijah the moral one, and Kol was the unhinged, almost gleeful psycho. In other areas, it was really rather satisfying when Damon punched Stefan, and I thought the brief hug between him and Elena was a nice heartwarming moment in an action-packed episode.

    • John says:

      Until he is right about Silas–at which point, he becomes the martyred hero, and our heroes become the villains, corrupted by their teenage inability to listen…

  15. S says:

    I remember reading that no one was safe this year from being killed. I read some major deaths will happen and here everyone is so angry over Kol? a character who wasn’t even on that much lol. Wonder what will happen when the major ones happen..

  16. Ronnie says:

    I didn’t want Kol dead, he was one of the very few characters on this show that I liked (the same goes for Alaric)! Why don’t they kill Tayler or Bonnie which are the ones I can`t stand? Bonnie is plain ridiculous! Every time she performs magic it looks really stupid, even this darker form. I was actually hoping Kol would kill her!

    Stefan is a dick! He keeps betraying Rebekah, how many times is he going to do the same to her? I’m glad this time she ended up realizing about his intentions, though she didn’t imagine the dagger was meant for her! I feel sorry for her and how she keeps trusting in that idiot.

    Elena getting horrified by Stefan sleeping with Rebekah is idiotic! I wanted to yell at her: ‘You’re no longer with him so what do you care who he sleeps with? You’re no longer in love with him, remember?’

    I loved Damon’s punch to Stefan, he really deserved it! Also loved his speech to Klaus about being bad when it’s needed, not just to be a dick.

    – Kol describing the threat of Silas: “That’s the problem with people today – they’ve lost faith, and in that loss, they no longer know who they should fear.” – Totally agree with him!

    For a moment I thought they were going to kill Klaus too! Then I remembered they mustn’t do that or they’re all dead…

  17. jon says:

    Sad that Kol was killed but not really surprised, just hope he’ll make some appearances in the Originals spinoff in flashbacks especially since he mentioned he was living in New Orleans the last time Klaus daggered him. I feel bad for Rebekah and really wish she would get happiness but she probably won’t. I actually thought Elena was coming to her senses when she said she didn’t want the cure if it would bring hell on earth but no that doesn’t matter apparently. I don’t agree with most of Bonnie’s actions nor her reasoning(it’s all to save Elena!) but I do like the storyline actually. It was also great how she said she was the protector of Mystic Falls and her dad was like “and how many people have gone ‘missing’ in your senior year alone?”

    • Tamim says:

      I also hate that Kol’s dead, but not ever being able to kill Klaus is a problem because it limits all potential threats and eliminates any consideration of stories that involve killing Klaus. I kind of hope that somehow with the Cure/Silas story line that the need to keep Klaus alive will be destroyed. As far as losing important people, because Silas may be able to restore something, possibly life, anyone who gets bumped off might come back – including Kol, Lexi, and maybe the “major death”. But if they do bring back Kol through the magic of Silas, they need to pack up the originals quickly and ship them off to their new home in New Orleans only briefly to return when needed.

    • Anon says:

      I kind of felt we saw the other big motive for her….saving her mum.

  18. Sue says:

    I felt good about this episode…Kol dead? We knew it…Klaus and Damon’s scenes were terrific…I love seeing Klaus vulnerable as when he talks about Caroline. His face and tone of voice when he asked Damon “what do to say to her? (Damon to Elena) was crazy good! He seems as if he has develop genuine feelings for Caroline but he he has his work cut out for him…that will be an uphill battle, to say thenleast. He had the right idea asking Damon for advise, but the poor thing doesn’t understand what love is. He thinks people need to be compelled or manipulated into loving someone. No hun, that’s called LOVE. I felt sad for Klaus. Last scene was the best in the whole episode. Damon and Elena being openly affectionate in front of Bonnie and Jeremy..priceless! and Elena’s face when she saw Damon…rock melting. Stefan was at his dickiest yet and that punch wasn’t enough for me. Elena should’ve slapped him on top of the punch…what!? C’mon Stefan, give it up…the sire bond theme is getting old…can’t you just let Elena be happy for a change? That comment at the end was you most pathetic and bitter yet…

    • Fran says:

      It’s hard to take any of your comments seriously because it’s too obvious that Damon is king to you and Stefan is king douche…. no matter what either of them do.

    • Dawnmac says:

      Happy for a change??? Above all else Elena is always happy and if not someone must be killed to make her so…

      • Anon says:

        Yes because Elena has never gotten in the way of the Salvatore brothers/others attempts to save her by thwarting their risking of others lives like when she entered in to that agreement with Elijah and knew full well he wasn’t promising to save her life, only her friends. She was also clearly gleefully happy when she got to tell Stefan things she knew would hurt him under Rebekah’s compulsion and of course Stefan was totally oblivious to her feelings for Damon, it’s not like that was the main reason they broke up. Naturally anyone would be delighted to hear that their ex has hooked up with someone they had previously known they (the ex) were not fond of, who is the reason they ‘died’, has attempted to finish the job numerous times and been intentionally incendiary toward them.

        • Paula says:

          You are so right! Elena has always put others first, even if her happiness and life were on the line. I understand people see what hey want to see, but this is trying to cover the sun with a finger. She also deserves to be happy with whatever/whoever she chooses. Hating on her won’t change anything.

          • Lily says:

            I think the reason people hate Elena is because she doesn’t know who to choose! I really don’t get the whole “Elena’s feelings for Damon will be magnified” thing, because shouldn’t her feelings for Stefan be magnified too? Anyway, I think in this season people are starting to compare her to Katherine.

        • Cathy O. says:

          LOL! I love it Anon.

  19. Sue says:

    *Klaus question to Damon: “what do you say to her?” :)

  20. Rhew says:

    So, Elena’s plan was to have Jeremy kill thousands of vampires instead of a dozen? None of those vampires could possibly have been “good?”

    That was probably worse than any of Klause’s schemes.

    • jon says:

      Seriously right?! There are plenty of good vampires but that doesn’t matter because they’re not important to Elena, the whole world revolves around her. Who cares if thousands of vampires suddenly die for no fault of their own or if the world goes to hell when Silas and the cure are uncovered as long as perfect compassionate(yeah right) Elena is alright.

      • Louanne says:

        The whole story line revolves around Elena but Elena does not want that. She is a good person and everyone loves her and wants to protect her. I like seeing her strong vampire side.

        • Anon says:

          Did anyone actually see anyone try to talk Elena out of this plan for all the potentially good vampires that were about to die? How is Elena taking the blame for all this, none, not one character said it should not be done, not even Stefan who would be the most reasonable person to suggest it as I wouldn’t expect a vampire hunter or Bonnie to come out with it.

          • sls says:

            Nobody said anything about it. That makes no sense. I thought Stefan or Bonnie might hesitate or say something and no one did. Rushed and lazy writing or something else is going on here, like some weird Silas mojo making people do things that don’t make sense in quest to raise him. If there isn’t something bigger going on here then killing Kol without so much as a discussion of the consequences is lazy/poor writing.

          • Anon says:

            My comment was more about why a lot of people are just blaming Elena for this but I do think the writers will answer it. I am sure they have seen a lot of these type of comments, it will be like when people were talking about Rebekah getting daggered all the time and this episode they had the characters play on that stream of thought.

    • Babybop says:

      I totally forgot that killing an Original kills an entire line of vampires… I agree with you! This plan was a terrible idea.

    • martina says:

      i agree with you!!! this is not Elena, and another thing, they kill Kol, ok,no problema but didn’t they think about their “original dad/mum”? i mean, they didn’t know for sure if Klaus is their Original or not.. however, i really don’t understand Elena anymore, she is so selfish and cold, she is like cathrine…

    • May says:

      Thank you. I hate how blase they are about killing Kol and never once thinking about the consequences of what they are doing. It’s short sighted and they all have themselves to blame when Klaus makes good on his threats. For once he was actually trying to help the Gilberts and I don’t get how they all took Klaus’ ‘I will take care of Kol myself’ as being an okay to killing him themselves.

    • ollie says:

      on supernatural i think in season 2 or 3 they stopped caring they were killing people possesed by demons instead depossing them. i just want to scream at the tv u are killing people wtf. u have would thought elena would have brought up possible killing good vamps. i dont think jeremy would care bc he is a hunter now and wanted to kill his sister.

      • Sarah says:

        Yeah this episode really annoyed me for three reasons:
        1. Kol was only trying to protect people from Silas. Plus if Silas is raised he could potentially kill a lot of innocent people. I don’t think he should of been killed
        2. Elena was so blasé about Klaus’ reaction to Kols death. I know he can seem uncaring, but it’s his brother of course he wouldn’t want him dead
        3. They killed a lot of vampires
        I’m just saying, if Silas does unleash ‘hell on earth’. Some people deserve a slap

  21. Shhhh says:

    Caroline outs Delena sex and its a crime, Damon outs Stebekah sex and he’s a hero. Huh. Klaus tells the truth, reminds Damon that Stefan was able to resist Klaus’ own compulsion, but Damon couldn’t – that was a great scene.
    Stefan is in the wrong for locking up Damon to keep Jeremy safe, but Damon is in the right for clocking Stefan when he merely told the truth about the sore bond. Huh. Abby showing up was great. The show could do with more surprises instead of releasing every detail about every other aspect of the show. We get it, the writes no longer care about the shows credibility and value, but they could at least keep the crappiness to themselves and let us be surprised more.

    • Sophie says:

      Caroline didn’t just “out” that Elena has slept with Damon, she told Stefan after Elena had specifically asked her not to until she had the chance to do it herself (Stefan didn’t ask anybody to keep it under wraps) The parallel between Stefan’s and Damon’s ability to resist compulsion are not the same. Stefan was compelled to feed on Elena (aka his “soulmate”) while Damon was compelled to kill Jeremy (aka Elena’s little brother) Two VERY different scenarios. We will never know if Damon would’ve been able to resist compulsion if Elena was the target, but we DO know he asked Jeremy to kill him instead of killing him which might’ve been fairly easy for Damon to do. If that was not fighting the compulsion, I don’t know what is. Damon also chose not to fight being locked in the dungeon. To me, that also qualifies as him fighting the compulsion. Stefan is NOT saying the truth about the sire bond. He just told Damon to use it to have Elena “calm down” Really? That was just a pathetic, bitter and downright nasty comment meant to hurt and nothing else. He was just spewing venom and that punch was not near enough…

      • Radha says:

        It’s obvious you don’t like Stefan. We get it.

      • Dawnmac says:

        So your saying you don’t like Stefan….LOL. You do know that there is a whole bunch of fans out there who don’t believe Damon walks on water and that yes he can be pretty evil for purely selfish reasons and that Elena is a self absorbed brat???

        • Gina says:

          Well, I’m not one of them, and there are also loads of fans out there that do not think like you either. To me, Elena is not a “self-absorbed” brat, just a confused teenager that has been through hell and back trying to save the people she loves…and Damon, he is just a leave or take kind of guy…me take! Lol…lighten up people…this is just a TV show…:)

        • Lena says:

          Funny that. I don’t think Stefan walks on water either. In fact, I missed his badge of Sainthood ceremony. When is that?

  22. Babybop says:

    I really didn’t have an attachment to Kol (didn’t even remember what he looked like until last week’s episode) so I don’t particularly care that he died, especially if it means getting the cure and being free of super whiny vampire Elena.
    Loved Rebekah this episode. Definitely looking forward to The Originals pilot.

    • S says:

      How is she whiny exactly? imo she was more whiny as a human

    • Louanne says:

      Miss Elijah and cannot wait for the “Originals” spin off. I liked the originals mom until she tried to kill her own children. And here I thought they would be one big happy family….NOT. I love Klaus and Rebekkah.

  23. ugh says:

    Why bother writing the “recap” if you’re not going to recap correctly?! They didn’t set Kol on fire, Jeremy staked him with the white oak stake and he started on fire as he was dying. Come on!

  24. Lorena says:

    And what more perfect to break the tension than hot Jeremy riping his
    shirt, CW why you dont have more scenes like this!!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

  25. JA says:

    Ugh! Why are so many people complaining?!? This was a GREAT episode. So much happened to move the story forward. We saw the softer side of Rebekah. We saw Jeremy and Elena working together instead of at odds. We saw Damon and Klaus have a very revealing conversation about the motivations of the “bad guy,” whether it’s Damon or Klaus. We saw that somewhere deep down, Klaus might actually want to change. We saw more of the limitlessness of Bonnie’s expression magic. And the cards are finally all on the table in what has now become a square instead of a triangle: Damon, Elena, Stephan, and Rebekah. Stephan even put Rebekah in his “cared about” people list! This was an awesome episode!! I love this season. :)

    • cc says:

      Thank you, JA! It’s refreshing to see someone else just genuinely glad to be along for the ride.

    • AS says:

      Agreed JA! I don’t understand why so many people are gripping about how whiny Elena is. I’m sorry, but I don’t even notice because of all the eye candy and funny quips coming from the other characters (Damon on Stefan not getting back to Klaus – “It’s one of his trademarks, like his brooding and his hair” HA!) If you’re not a fan of the show anymore, stop watching! Otherwise, get over Elena and enjoy the story.

  26. anil says:

    LOL why is anyone even mad over Kol? He was hardly acknowledged as a character and he’s irrelevant compared to all the other. Even Bonnie is more relevant than him lol.

    Anyways, this season is actually the best with the whole upcomign island adventure-hunting for cure-waking up sarius story line. Its different and fun. The only annoying thing remains is Elena’s unchanged whiny personality and her annoying bro troubles. Why did she even look surprised at stefan/rebecca sleeping together? You cant have both brothers in ur own ways, b*tch!

    But yeah great season overall. Im just worried about what VD will be left with when the originals start…the originals surely bring the story line and all the excitement to the show. Without them, whats left?

    • S says:

      THANK YOU! ANIL! WTF is Kol so important to people? He was on a total of count them, 7 episodes. LMAO. I could see if it was one of the others but Kol really… ?

      • Cathy O. says:

        I have to agree S. Who cares about Kol? I don’t see how he is so relevant to the show. Also, I am not surprised he was killed off since they needed him to be gone in order to pursue the cure.

      • Rhew says:

        Because killing Kol had a worse effect that even Klaus’ plan.

    • Louanne says:

      I was wondering the same thing but it leaves the possibility of new supernatural enemies coming to town.

  27. sls says:

    Finally the Hunter’s mark is finished but why wasn’t there the briefest conversation about all of the innocent vampires they just killed? A moment of silence..a lantern release…something. That part is a bit annoying. You want us to buy Jeremy and Elena as good people, caring people, but you don’t give them even just the slightest pause to question whether or not it was wrong to kill off thousands of vampires when to finish the Hunter’s mark it might have only taken 20 or less?

    I want vampire Elena to have an edge, like she did fighting tonight, but not ruthless stupidity. I get why they decided to kill Kol, and I’m sure the writers have their reasons, but literally not even a pause to question it…seems like a fail to me.

    Loved Damon and Klaus’ villain bonding. Love Stefan without Elena. I loved him being dicky and Damon punching him. Love Stefan and Rebekah together. I hope they really start something semi-serious and Katherine shows up and causes lots of drama. A good Katherine and Rebekah catfight over Stefan sounds totally hot! lol

    If the rumors out there are true and Damon is the major death they have been talking about and Silas brings him back to life and he’s human, that will make for a really interesting next season. A human Damon not getting to be a badass vampire will probably frustrate the hell out of him, and probably us, but it may make for some interesting times. If Damon isn’t the major death then I’m not sure who else it could be. They need a witch and a werewolf/hybrid unless they bring in someone new to fill those roles. Yeah, it’s probably going to be Damon. And that will take care of the sire bond. Good times. Wow, I never would have thought I would be rooting for Damon’s death. :)

    • Cathy O. says:

      I agree sls. I heard Damon is going to die and come back as a human. I am also rooting for his death because I know he will be returning. If he becomes human that will make a very interesting story. What will that mean for Delena I wonder?

      • sls says:

        Well there is also talk about Elena losing touch with her humanity so if that happens maybe it’s going to take a human Damon to get her back from the dark side. I think Katherine’s return should co-exist with the dark Elena upheaval and then Katherine will have the opportunity to be the “good” one. So, dark Elena, good-ish Katherine, human Damon, Katherine-Stefan-Rebekah love triangle, crazy Silas and whatever that unleashes….yeah that all sounds good to me!

        I think Dalena is end game with Stefan and Katherine ending up together. I just think that both those couples are going to have some bumpy roads. I’m guessing if Damon is human and Elena loses her humanity that romance isn’t going to get it’s time to shine just yet. I’m sure people will be mad about it but if it’s end game then I don’t mind waiting a bit more as long as they throw us some good stuff at us along the way.

        • Cathy Owens says:

          Sis, I hope you’re right about Delena being the endgame. It kind of seems like it’s going that way but I guess we will see. I have to admit Damon as human and Elena losing touch with humanity would really be interesting to see. I am anxiously waiting to see these next three episodes. I think there will be a lot of good stuff to come.

  28. tvd says:

    Ok help me out here…arent the original vampires all linked together? So if one dies shouldnt all die as well???

    • Anon says:

      Last season Klaus forced Bonnie to untie the link that bound them before Elena and co managed to kill Finn. It was when Sage was around and was how they found out that killing an Original kills its entire line. It was the same ep where Rebekah was revenge torturing Damon for sleeping with her for information.

    • ollie says:

      their mother binded them together last season but as the other person mentioned bonnie reversed it.

  29. Dave says:

    I enjoy Klaus and Rebekah, but I could have cared less about Kol. Glad that he’s gone!

  30. Skdep says:

    Killing Kol was really not a smart move at all.. They need as many originals as possible for the spin-off, what were they thinking?

    • Cathy O. says:

      I am sure Kol will be resurrected for the Originals spin-off. No one is ever totally dead on television. LOL!

    • Russ says:

      As for TVD it was a smart move and gets the cure storyline moving. As for the spin-off, Kol could have been a fun character to pop in and out.

  31. Ariadne says:

    I think Kol had this coming from the first episode he appeared!The actor was soooooooooo bad!I liked Kol but his demise was like when this girl died in 2×12 only better because it had some really cool action sequences!
    I LOOOVED this episode!Characters conflicts,betraylals,the story moving forward,action,character shaking hands the grimm ripper…that’s sound like the old TVD!

  32. Anon says:

    Loved it! Really hope Silas’s resurrection will bring Kol back, quite enjoyed his character and with an Originals spin off coming; well their down to 3 now aren’t they and Rebekah hasn’t been announced as a series regular. I hope his death brings Elijah back.
    I am sure I will be in the minority here but when Stefan told Damon to use the sire bond on Elena to calm her down I was really hoping Elena would beat Damon to the punch….So far I would say slightly dark Bonnie beats Dark Willow at the moment, I think I actually prefer her character like this because I don’t like her most of the time. Final thing, how awesome to see Klaus trying to get tips from Damon! Brilliant!! Ah well, roll on next Thursday!!!

    • Cathy O. says:

      It would have been a nice touch if Elena had slapped the hell out of Stefan when he said that but Damon punching him worked as well.

      I think I am liking Elena more as a vampire. It would be interesting to see how she acts should she lose her humanity also, which I am hearing could possibly happen.

      • Mary says:

        Nailed it, sister! Stefan needed to be bitch slapped for being such a prick…I understand he’s hurt and blah blah, but he is taking his to a ridiculous degree…I loved Bonnie’s face after he made that comment…she was like “WTF Stefan, pull it together bro” …it was kind of sad seeing Stefan sink that low. I like him and I want better for him, but these mothers writers are making him lose everything including his dignity.

  33. Delenafan26 says:

    Kol wasn’t a big character so they had a right to kill him off and he isn’t even important he isn’t in the books. But the characters that are in the books are Elena Damon Stefan Bonnie Meredith Matt Tyler Caroline Vicky sage who is a guy in the book and then there is klaus who doesn’t live long . There are no other originals just klaus and its better that Kol died then having tons of innocent people turned to vampires so I think this was great episode. Klaus should be pissed but no really he is the one that is obsessed to find the cure so he can make more hybrids he is the one who forced them to make Jeremy a hunter and forced them into killing vamps fast so they had no choice this was a great so no one got hurt in the process. I personally don’t klaus I only like Elijah and I am starting to really like rebekah so I think that this was a great plan so they can speed up the process

  34. Breck says:

    How did they know that killing Kol wouldn’t kill all of them? Do they know who’s bloodline they come from?

    • May says:

      I thought that only applied to Klaus. Elena and her merry bunch of friends do seemingly care that when they killed Kol that they were killings thousands of other vampires in the process.

      • Breck says:

        Yes, but when was it explained who’s bloodline they come from? They considered themselves lucky when they didn’t die when Finn was killed. So I still don’t know how they knew they weren’t from Kol’s bloodline.

        • jbee says:

          I want to know this too! How did they know Kol’s line wouldn’t kill all of them??

          • sls says:

            There was the briefest of conversations in one episode where some conclusions were made that they are all from Klaus’ bloodline. It was never fully fleshed out as to why they were so sure of this just that Klaus could tell. It was probably only one or two lines of dialog so don’t feel bad for missing it. It was not made very clear as to the specifics just that if Klaus died they would all die.

  35. May says:

    So what is the point of killing yet another Original when there is a spin off in the works. Killing Kol was a stupid mistake. Elena and Jeremy have no moral superiority over Klaus anymore. I can’t believe that they are so stupid to think he’d be okay with them killing his sibling. Really? Not to mention they getting help from their friend Bonnie who is close to the dark side herself and they all claim to be better than the Originals and it is driving me crazy.

  36. Ria says:

    I’m so sick of Elena & how everyone in town kisses her ass & tries to save her! Why is she so special compared to anyone else in the town? I wanted Kol to kill her Whiney ass! After the introduction to the original vampire characters made us believe how strong they were & how difficult it is to kill them; WTF? How’d they all become stupid & pussy’s? I want Klaus to make them ALL suffer!!!! YIPPEE

  37. Fran says:

    Liked this episode… I don’t get at all why people care about Kol dying, other than to wonder why Elena and company could care less about killing thousands of vampires. I also don’t understand why people think Stefan is being a dick. He is but isn’t it understandable? He was with Elena forever and his heart is broken by how easily she moved on to Damon. He deserved the punch at the end but I can’t blame the guy for being upset. I really like Rebekkah though and wish she wouldn’t keep getting screwed over.

    • Babybop says:

      I’m with you! I don’t think Stefan is being a dick at all.

      • Misha says:

        WTH? I am a Stefan fan,but I’m not blind. Sadly, he IS being a dick! I am so angry at the writers for making Stefan look and sound so pathetic. It would’ve been much better (and more like him) if he had taken taken the high road and act more dignified. I don’t want him to be dragging himself through the mud for Elena anymore. It’s time he backs off and moves on to better things. One needs to know when to hold them and when to fold them. He needs to get out of that hand NOW.

        • Cathy O. says:

          Misha, I agree totally. I don’t like the way Stefan’s character is acting either. He is really starting to appear pathetic as you say. When Elena kept choosing him over Damon, Damon didn’t act that way. Elena has made her choice so Stefan should move on for goodness sake and be glad she was honest with him about her feelings for Damon instead of sleeping with Damon behind his back. My goodness enough is enough already! But this is just the writers way of keeping the love triangle going forever!

          • Fran says:

            Except Damon did act that way! The thing with Jeremy was anger over Elena rejecting him. People do stupid things when their heart is broken. I like that Stefan isn’t taking the high road for a change, Why not let his character have a backbone? Damon was a prick and everyone loved him. To be honest I wish both Damon and Stefan would move on from Elena. Or at least quit ruining her character so I can understand why these two guys continue to be in love with her.

    • Badbaby72 says:

      I’m not terribly upset about Kol; only 7 episodes & pure evil. No big loss and it hurried the hunter’s mark along! I’m liking Elena alittle more for “…being bad with a purpose…” and protecting Jeremy at all costs! It was Klaus’ brother or hers; she had to get ruthless. She can take care of herself now; no more St. Elena at all costs. Now, Bonnie gets a storyline and an edge. Stefan gets to be mad and act up! His girl dropped him for his brother. He can sleep with whoever he wants. Glad to see Rebecca knew Stefan was playing her… Maybe she hookup with Matt, after using the cure. Somebody do something with Matt. The writers screwed up by killing off Alaric; I miss a useful, mature, grow up and human character.

  38. lauren says:

    Really liked that bonnie’s mom mentioned how she needs to stay away from elena and all of her woe is me/save me business. Everything bad that has happened to anyone basically is because of elena. At least the beloved katherine got a mention last night.

  39. adam says:

    I think the biggest question of all is when will the sexual tension between jeremy and matt be expressed, because everytime those two are in a scene together there seems to be a lot of sexual tension!

    • sls says:

      haha that’d be awesome…I don’t see it happening but hey you never know. Most vampire/immortal story lines have quite a bit of sexuality, not just heterosexuality, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some gay characters on this show.

  40. LC says:

    I have a question………If Silas can bring back the dead does that mean he can bring back dead vampires or dead humans? Will we see Jenna and Alaric or we will see vampires Lexi and Rose back? Thoughts????

    • candyinsummer says:

      That’s a good point. In any case I do hope he brings Alaric back, at least. Him and Lexi. It can also mean that the “major death” they keep talking about will not be permanent and Silas will bring them back, somehow.

    • Cathy O. says:

      I doubt we’ll see Rose or Alaric. I read that Alaric is doing another show now called Cult I think. Anyway, they had a hard time getting him to return for that short cemetary scene he did with Damon because of the travelling distance. I think his show is in Canada. Also Rose is now on the Walking Dead. I don’t know what’s going on with the actresses who played Jenna or Lexi. Maybe we will see them again, who knows. I, for one, really miss Alaric. I loved his character and he and Damon’s friendship.

    • sls says:

      It is not clear whether Silas can bring back all of the dead. Shane made some comment about Silas bringing back those that were killed in the process of awakening Silas/bringing him back. Other than that there hasn’t been any clarification on who Silas can or will bring back…or even why Silas will raise the dead. Is that the hell on Earth? Silas raises every dead person ever? Um that sounds a bit too ambitious and crazy. So there must be more to it. Shane wants his wife and child back, I’m assuming, but who knows if that all there is to his motivations.

      • Cathy O. says:

        I heard that Prof, Shane is not telling everything about the cure and when the others find out, it is going to be horrifying.

        • sls says:

          Yes I heard something like that as well. I have a feeling that no one will be getting the cure and all this talk about the cure will either be for nothing or the consequences of the cure will be so terrible it will unleash all kinds of bad things if someone does choose to take it. It will probably mean no one gets the cure or chooses to take it. Seems like having a cure for vampirism on a show made up of a lot of vampires isn’t going to be a no-strings attached type of cure. So it either won’t work or the consequences will be too great. But it will add some possible plotlines to have that hanging out there as a possibility.

          • A says:

            I agree, and thank you for bringing this up. I think fans are taking this “cure” for granted and are too quick to assume that it will be as they believe it to be. I’m hoping that what they think is the “cure” won’t really cure anyone at all, as I don’t see how we could move forward with some vampires choosing to be human and vice versa. I can already hear everyone saying, “Blah, blah, blah, that’s not how it happened in the books, blah blah…” But I am very much hoping that this cure is not what they think it will be, and that if it is a cure, no one can take it.

  41. candyinsummer says:

    I knew that they would kill Kol off but I was surprised at the lack of thought behind it. I like Elena, I really do but her plan was horrible, especially when she did it to kill off all the vampires that Kol had turned and the ones they turned and so on. I’m pretty sure not all of them were evil just because Kol was a little Psychotic! Bad move, Elena. Can’t say you don’t deserve Klaus’s ire. As for Damon not being able to resist compulsion for Elena like Stefan had, well, it’s debatable. He didn’t fight to get away from Klaus did he? That’s something in my book. Also, Stefan said what he said to Damon because he’s hurt so I can understand why he was a complete Jerk when provoking him. Damon did kind of steal his girlfriend after all.

  42. Shaun says:

    No Caroline again this week?WTH!!She’s being left out of the loop!

  43. Cathy O. says:

    Overall, I loved last night’s episode. It was much better than last week’s.

    -Loved seeing Elena act like a vampire for a change. That was great!
    -I am liking Stefan and Rebekah together
    -Loved when Damon and Klaus bonded
    -Loved when Damon hit Stefan. Stefan deserved that and enough with the sire bond comments already. Damon did not force Elena to sleep with him. Why is it so hard for Stefan and the others to believe that Damon is worth loving. I am tired of all the Damon bashing.
    -Didn’t really care about Kol dying
    -Loved seeing Bonnie use her witch skills. She is really getting stronger
    -Loved the way Elena looked at Damon when he entered the room
    -I felt sad for Damon when Klaus told him he feared Elena would go back to Stefan once she got the cure. I sure hope she still chooses Damon. I would like to see them happy at least for a while.
    -Wondering what Matt’s purpose is in the show?

    I am really tired of the sire bond story though and hope it wraps up by Episode 15. Here is my thing on this sire bond. It is suppose to affect how you act and not how you feel. So the question remains, why is all of her friends questioning her love for Damon when that has to do with her feelings. They all knew she had feelings for Damon when she was human. So why does the sire bond have to be broken in order for her to find out who she really wants to be with? Elena started caring about Damon in Season 1 during that Mystic Ball dance they did. You could see it in her face.

    If she was so in love with Stefan before the sire bond, wouldn’t she have been sired to him? I guess I am still not getting this whole sire bond thing!

    • Waleska says:

      Great post…on the sire bond thing. Supposedly, Elena is sire bonded to Damon because his blood was in her system when she died. We never got confirmation on that from Dr. fells (Meredith), but everyone seems to believe it wholeheartedly. Not sure about that. When Elena turned into a vampire, her feelings got “heightened” (fact which was drilled in our heads every five seconds :() Here is the thing; I understand the sire bond and all, but if her human feelings became “heightened” when she became a vampire, what happened with her love for Stefan??? That’s a biggie for me… Also, we all know (this was drilled too) that the sire bond is supposed to affect how you act, NOT how you feel. It doesn’t make you love someone if you didn’t have feelings, human feelings, for them before you turn. If this is true, why is everyone acting as if she just fell in love with Damon overnight and out of the blue, and the sire bond is the only cause she is feeling that way? That’s another biggie…Another question I have is why it took her a while to show any signs of being bonded to Damon? She was with Stefan at the beginning and they had romantic moments together. What was going with the sire bond then? Still cooking? I hope these and many other questions I have (too many for this post) get eventually answered for I feel cheated and insulted about how the writers are apparently pulling heavy duty wool over our heads by ignoring all these things. Sorry for the rant, but these incongruences drive me crazy.

      • Anon says:

        1- Meredith did confirm she ‘helped her’ so we have to assume she elaborated with them that it was Damon’s blood. She did once vervain Damon to take his blood too.
        2- She said in the after school special that she still loves Stefan but is not in love with him. She was also still holding on to who she was and the choice she made when she died so it makes sense that she stayed with him. I think the thing was that she kept turning to Damon as she felt he understood/accepted her more than Stefan and those feelings she had before she turned kept growing or something. I am also sure she still found him very attractive- he is not hard on the eyes!
        3- Definitely agree with you about the other characters, particularly Caroline, acting surprised she feels this way about Damon. Especially when she is the one who made Elena admit she had feelings for him when she was human. I think though that stems from them knowing she had feelings but believing ultimately that she would never choose Damon over Stefan. I think that is more willful disbelief, I don’t think they actually thought Stefan could lose that contest because Damon has done/does questionable things.
        4- I don’t think it did take a while to show signs, I think that was the point. It was meant to be subtle, like the way she was turning to Damon and not Stefan. That Damon could get through to her and reassure her etc. Like asking Damon to go with her to that college thing and teach her how to feed, in that same ep she had that mini melt-down about she should be trying to these things with Stefan but she was there with Damon. Those were her feelings but Damon got her to act when she was battling her feelings if that makes sense?
        Anyway, hope thats helpful in some fashion! I don’t love the sire bond but I guess it does create further conflict and shows need that. Nothing’s simple in a tv show love triangle!

        • Cathy Owens says:

          I agree Anon,

          Also did you say Damon was not hard on the eyes. That’s an understatement, he’s stunning. LOL!

          Here is what I am thinking also, even though I know the writers will do whatever they want, but it would be a little weird for me if the writers chose to put Stelena back together after this sire bond thing. Now that Elena has slept with Damon and professed her love for him, that changes everything. It’s not like having a couple of passionate kisses.

          What would Elena say to Stefan, “oh the sire bond made me do it, I’ll back”. No, that’s just too unbelievable for me. She and Damon have been slowly building over the years and you have to admit she trusted and depended on him way more than she ever did Stefan. Damon has always been there for her. It would just seem like the perfect love story if after the sire bond is broken, she still loved Damon and chose him. Having Damon know for sure that the love of his life, really loves him for who he is would be the best love story ever because right now even though she professed her love for him, he doesn’t believe her and is afraid he’s going to lose her. Just sayin…

      • Cathy Owens says:

        Waleska, exactly my point. What do the writers take us for?! Bottomline, all of this sire bond stuff was created only for the purpose of providing Delena conflict and to keep the love triangle going until the end of time. Enough already, Elena chose Damon, why can’t they just let them be happy in their relationship and move on to other stories. The love triangle is getting old. I know that is what the books was all about but who cares the show is different from the books anyway.

  44. Mary says:

    I’m really upset that the show chose to kill off Kol. It’s not that I had any particular attachment to Kol, but by killing him off they made the show’s protagonists mass murderers. Elena, arguably the show’s moral center, forced her brother to kill tens-of-thousands of people for an entirely selfish reason. What makes her life more valuable than everyone else’s. What really makes me mad though is not so much that it happened, but that not one person argued against it happening. With a cast of characters as big as The Vampire Diaries has surely one character should have had a crisis on conscience. I’m going to have a hard time watching the show now that I see all of its characters as villains rather than heroes or victims.

  45. jbee says:

    how did they know that killing Kol wouldn’t kill them all? I thought they never established whose blood line they were from. I remember it was a huge deal when Finn was killed..

    • sls says:

      I just commented on another post about this but I will say it here too. There was the briefest of conversations in one episode where some conclusions were made that they are all from Klaus’ bloodline. It was never fully fleshed out as to why they were so sure of this just that Klaus could tell. It was probably only one or two lines of dialog so don’t feel bad for missing it. It was not made very clear as to the specifics just that if Klaus died they would all die.

  46. Mackdazzle says:

    Will there ever be a time when Elena can have a serious relationship with some one who isn’t a Salvatore or remotely related to them? Other shows can do this, why can’t VD? I’m pretty over it.

    • Cathy O. says:

      No because Elena and the Salvatores are the main characters.

      • Mackdazzle says:

        I completely get that. But to push the same triangle every season . . . they can give them other relationships and always revisit the triangle again later. It’s just to repetitive/nothing new to keep doing this every season. Like I said, other shows manage to pull off breaking up major shippers on shows for freshness and growth. It can always go back to the core relationships – the writing just has to be there.

        • Cathy O. says:

          I totally agree Mackdazzle. I wish Elena would choose one of the guys so that the other one can get on with his life. It has gotten real old. Supposedly the main characters are in contract for six seasons if the show goes that long. But for goodness sake, I can’t imagine watching this love triangle for another two years though. That’s a bit much. Maybe Elena will for sure make a choice by the end of this season and season five will bring new stories/adventures. We can only hope.

  47. vannesa180 says:

    honestly..ppl need to stop complaning about long could they keep him running around anyway?..i really would like elena to lose her would b good to see sumthn different!

  48. A says:

    A few things:

    1) I guess I’m the only person who doesn’t care that Elena and Jeremy killed Kol. He was a threat, and she made a decision that worked to get the map. Plus, she’s a vampire now, so it’s not like she can be expected to make all the same decisions as she did when she was human. I don’t know, it doesn’t bother me that much. I liked seeing her take charge, come up with a plan that was completely her own, and to not really care about the consequences because that means she is finally acting like a vampire.
    2) Does Elena really even want the cure anymore? Doesn’t really seem like she does.
    3) Is anyone else hoping that there is no cure, or that it is something completely different from what the characters are hoping it will be? Yes, here come the people crying, “But that’s what happens in the books!”, but I don’t care about the books because this show is a different animal than the books. I just don’t see how a cure could be introduced, and if it was, it would open a huge can of worms that would never be fully resolved on this show.
    4) I am a Delena fan, and also a Stefan without Elena fan. I’m a little surprised that everyone is bashing Elena for being “whiny” when she found out that Stefan slept with Rebekah. While I agree that Elena shouldn’t care about what Stefan is doing after they broke up, did everyone forget that Rebekah intentionally KILLED Elena and caused all this nonsense in the first place? I think she has some room to be a little mad about that, especially when Stefan seems so eager to trust that she is “on their side” now. Sidenote: Someone mentioned it above, but I would also love to see a Rebekah/Katherine catfight over Stefan in the near future.

  49. vannesa180 says:

    honestly this was always elena fault..she choose this…when she told stefan to save matt first..but if matt would have never took elena in his truck this would have never happened.he thought it would save her but it killed her

    • Cathy O. says:

      You’re right it all started with saving Matt first. And I ask again, what is Matt’s purpose on the show now?

      Plus I think things would have gone a lot smoother between the brothers with Elena’s choice had she chosen Damon first (which I think she really wanted to do) instead of Stefan. I think Stefan would have still been very hurt but would have taken it better. After Elena told Stefan he was her choice, etc. and then said she had feelings for Damon was a bit much for Stefan to handle even though Stefan initiated the breakup. Remember the deal Damon and Stefan made with each other about whomever she chose, the other would leave town. Damon was planning on leaving town but got roped into helping Elena become a vampire.

      Still I don’t think it’s an excuse for how badly Stefan is acting now. I know he loves Elena but there are no guarantees. I remember Elena telling Stefan when they were sitting on the roof that they would be together for as long as she wanted them too. She didn’t say anything about forever. She also said something to Damon on the phone about Stefan that was similar to that (3×22).

  50. Angelbydayzs says:

    I love Damon and Elaina together they make a better couple than Stefan and her I kind of like Stefan is good with Rebekka won’t miss Kol at all Sorry but I think the whole Original story line is getting boring.