Grey’s Recap: The First Cut Is the Deepest

ELLEN POMPEO, CHANDRA WILSON, SANDRA OHThis week on Grey’s Anatomy, an efficiency expert takes a scalpel to Seattle Grace’s budget, and you won’t believe what she wants to cut! (Derek sure doesn’t!) But first…

MIND OVER MATTER | After Arizona’s phantom pain goes from nightmares straight out of American Horror Story to wide-awake OR embarrassments, Owen lends a hand. (A leg would be more helpful to the amputee, but hey… ) While his techniques for dulling the sensation work, they don’t work as well – or at least not as quickly – as Alex stabbing the lady doc in her prosthetic foot. Whatever gets you through the day, I say. Whatever gets you through the day.

LIVER AND LET LIVE | With pregnancy hormones already turning Meredith into a total pissypants, Smash Williams makes the mistake of… well, making a mistake. It’s a doozy, too: He accidentally ruins the liver needed to save the life of a mother-to-be! Luckily, another liver is found. (What are the odds?!) And, as an added bonus, it’s in Portland, which means that Mer gets to face her plane-crash fears and fly off to get it. Hurrah!

EMERGENCY! | Though Cristina frets that the efficiency expert will cut the Free Surgery For Adorable African Orphans program that allows her to see all manner of rare and exotic conditions, it’s actually – gasp! – the ER that’s on the critical list. “Cut the ER? That’s crazy talk!” yells Derek (pretty much). “Not to those of us who aren’t jillionaires and need our jobs!” replies Bailey (pretty much).

YOUNG DOCTORS IN LOVE | Stephanie is so busy learning the ins and outs of “the pit” from April that she passes up a nookie session with Jackson. Meanwhile, April is so busy teaching Stephanie the ins and outs of “the pit” that she doesn’t even notice hot paramedic Justin Bruening – until he asks her out. (Are there any eye doctors at Seattle Grace? If so, she should make an appointment.)

GIVE HIM A HAND | Derek at last takes his hand – or, as Callie calls it, her hand – back into surgery. And not just any surgery, either – a 23-hour marathon surgery! (Oooh!) Afterwards, he keeps said hand busy by using it to pat himself on the back.

Okay, your turn. How did you feel about the episode? Were you grossed out by Arizona’s Texas Scalpel Massacre dream? Was Mer too hard on Shane… or not hard enough? And did you think the last Mer/Der scene – in which they wondered aloud if (duh) they were the reason that the hospital was in dire straits – was foreshadowing of how the financial crisis will be resolved? (As in, they’ll say, “Oh, you keep the money, we’ll keep doctoring!”) Sound off below!

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