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InsideLine_0124_DWWho’s returning to Bones? Was the latest Horror Story all a hoax? What’s the bullet on Grey’s Anatomy‘s new whip-cracker? Who’s the new gal in charge on Smash? And what “big” surprise is coming to Once Upon a Time‘s diner? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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American Horror Story: Asylum | Some seem a bit confused about what the season finale’s callback to the premiere’s Jude/Lana scene meant – namely, there is speculation that perhaps Lana fabricated her asylum stay in the name of selling a book. What show boss Ryan Murphy shared after a press screening of the finale, though, puts that to rest. “Our jumping-off point for the whole season [was to have Lana] go in there, become a prisoner, do her shock-corridor tenure and then go back to tear the joint down,” he said. “That was the ending we had from the very beginning [and] I thought it was a very heroic ending for her.” Murphy also revealed that “for a split second” they considered having Bloody Face Jr. turn out to be Season 1’s Ben Harmon, “But I really like that the seasons have their own story.” Looking ahead to Season 3, Murphy teased that the story will be “more historical in nature,” include a “star-crossed-lovers-from-different-tracks thing” and perhaps not be quite as deviant as Asylum’s antics. “As a person right now,” he explained, “I do feel lighter and wanting to embrace something a little bit more fun.”

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Grey’s Anatomy | Seattle Grace won’t know what hit it when Constance Zimmer (Entourage) kicks off her recurring run tonight at 9/8c, playing physicians’ adviser Dr. Alana Cahill. With the hospital needing belt-tightening in the wake of the lawsuit whallop, Alana is “your total f–king nightmare,” Jessica Capshaw told me, “because she’s the person that comes in and delivers the bottom line, talking about how unnecessary people are, essentially. She talks about how everyone can function more efficiently, and that means people lose jobs. She’s the bad news bear, man!” Then speaking out of character, Capshaw declares herself “a big fan” of the new Grey’s addition, raving, “Constance is fantastic.”Montego_Glover

Smash | With the NBC series introducing at least one other show-within-the-show, titled Hit List, during Season 2, we’re going to need a second Linda. To that end, TVLine has learned that Tony-nominated actress Montego Glover (Memphis, right) has landed the recurring role of Marissa, a stage manager who is described as “compassionate and authoritative.” Smash launches its sophomore run on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

And now, a smattering of questions from the reader mailbag…..

The Bones episode that you and Michael were talking about on Spoiler Alert!, the one dealing with Sweets’ childhood, does it have a title yet? Also related to Sweets: Is Danielle Panabaker returning anytime soon? –Ed
I’ve got a two-for-one special for you, Ed: The aforementioned semi-Sweets episode, “The Fact in the Fiction,” is tentatively scheduled to air Feb. 25. But you’ll want to also tune in Feb. 11, when Panabaker reprises her role as FBI Special Agent Olivia Sparling. (That episode, “The Shot in the Dark,” is the one in which a gunned-down Brennan “reunites” with her mother.)

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Can you please give us some Once Upon A Time scoop, especially about Emma and Neal? –Shelly
I can only advise you to keep an eye out for the next episode of TVLine’s Spoiler Alert! But as a make-good, I offer an exclusive photo of the Giant sipping mead (or beer) at Granny’s in the Feb. 10 episode:

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This is not really a scoop request (or maybe it is), but the press release for the NCIS episode “Canary” (Episode 10×14) seems to be lacking guest cast. –Daniel
You seem crafty, Daniel, so maybe you already dug this up. But if not, that guest cast includes Chuck alum/imminent Bones guest star Vik Sahay (playinga  computer hacker), Ethan Rains (General Hospital: Night Shift) and Geoffrey Wade (aka Don’s Mad Men dentist). Did I mention Vik Sahay?

When is Jamie Lee Curtis making her re-appearance as NCIS‘ Dr. Ryan? I thought she was perfect with Mark Harmon. –Nancy
“I actually speak to her all the time,” NCIS boss Gary Glasberg said when I ran your Q by him. “She is a huge fan of this show and of Mark Harmon, and she would love to come back. But right now, there’s just a lot of talking. Nothing to report at the moment.”

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Is it too soon to ask about Awkward? – Jayna
Actually, no – because the show has just put out a Season 3 casting call for the role of Collin, a surprisingly charming classmate who will distract Jenna some, even to the point that she ignores Matty’s calls. Then again, Jenna as a whole is not quite herself when the MTV series returns. Something about not getting much sleep at home….

Do you have any scoop on Hawaii Five-0? –Dave
The scoop is that, suddenly yet surely, roller-skating is en vogue again! Because just as Bones‘ Angela is going undercover on a roller derby team in an upcoming episode, so is Five-0‘s Catherine, when one of the sport’s top draws turns up dead.

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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