Five Big Bang Theory Scooplets: Love for Raj, an Action-Figure Snafu and Change for 'Shamy'?

The Cooper/Kripke InversionSheldon’s forced to play nice with the always-irksome Barry Kripke when The Big Bang Theory returns with a new episode on Jan. 31 – and the physicists’ long-standing rivalry inadvertently sets up what star Mayim Biaylik calls “a big February” for the incredibly popular comedy. Read on for more scoop about what’s ahead!

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HOW FAR-RAH WILL SHELDON GO? | As the season moves ahead, the status quo just won’t do for Sheldon and his lady. “We have two episodes with Amy and Sheldon really pushing the boundaries,” Bialik says. “Honestly, I’ve been surprised.” Though it’s not clear whether Sheldon will forge the final frontier, so to speak, the actress hinted that “Shamy” definitely will undergo some changes. “[The show] wanted to introduce some tension into their relationship and, as it’s always been, Sheldon’s reaction is totally not what I would have expected,” she says. “But it’s still super consistent with him.”

AND… ACTION! | It’s a dorky dream come true when Howard and Raj get action figures made of themselves… and a nightmare when they’re not exactly what the guys wanted. Wolowitz “found this place online where you only have to pay $500 per action figure. Of course, they come out looking horrible,” says portrayer Simon Helberg. “Howard’s nose is like 4 inches big on a 6-inch body!” In the end, they’ve got these “cool little toys” — and Howard’s got one heck of a ticked-off wife. “It’s Howard spending Bernadette’s money, so he thinks it’s fine,” he adds. “She doesn’t.” Speaking of which…

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HONEYMOON’S OVER | Bernadette “has a very high power job and makes a lot more money than her husband,” Melissa Rauch shares, so the newlyweds will deal with “how her big salary factors into their relationship and how they spend their money.” Or, here’s another take on the subject, courtesy of Bernadette’s hubs: “He’s learning the ways of marriage and how to balance being a little boy at heart,” Helberg says. Aww.

RAJ AS SURROGATE SON? | “Howard goes away and his mom has been dejected,” Helberg previews, “so he has his best buddy check in.” But Raj’s meek nature is no match for Mrs. Wolowitz, who “sucks him into her world of Jewish guilt and food, and he can’t leave.” Meanwhile, the situation evokes strong feelings in her derelict son: “Pity – and a little bit of relief that it’s not him.”

RAJ AS SOMEONE’S BOO? | “Raj is trying to find love,” Kunal Nayar says with a laugh. “What else is he supposed to do?” The actor also gave the vaguest of teases about a big Valentine’s episode: “Hilarity ensues.”

(Reporting by Meg Masters)

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