Private Practice Videos: Cooper & Co. Play the (Baby) Name Game, Violet's 'Beautiful' Flirtation

As ABC’s Private Practice presents its penultimate episode this Tuesday at 10/9c, there are dramas both big and witty-bitty small to be had.

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As seen in this first clip, with Charlotte still (still) waiting to go into labor with Babies B and C, Cooper, Amelia et al bust out the easel of possible names, with little success. What’s more, their brainstorming session is abruptly interrupted by a very involved party. (P.S. The tote board is worth freeze-framing, if only to see some ghastly options.)

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In the second clip, there’s a glimmer of hope that as the series fades to black next week — and even though she seemingly attends The Wedding stag — unlucky-in-love Violet might have a new someone in her life, if her local bookseller (played by Dallas‘ Faran Tahir) is as good at asking her out as he is checking out her memoir (multiple times).
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Elsewhere in the episode, per the synopsis for “Life Support”: Addison attends Henry’s court date and realizes the judge still has concerns about Jake’s past; Sheldon introduces Miranda to his friends; and Cooper labors to secure a dream house for him, Charlotte and their brood.

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