Photo Finish: Private Practice Series Finale Is Heading for a 'Joyful' Wedding

ABC’s Private Practice invites you to RSVP for its series finale on Jan. 22, in which Kate Walsh’s Addison will (by all appearances) tie the knot with Benjamin Bratt’s Jake — and we’ve got a wedding album packed with 26 photos.

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In previewing the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off’s final hour, KaDee Strickland told me viewers will get “a really concise version of everything they loved about every character. It’s a very just ending, it’s very appropriate…. It’s emotional but very joyful. It comes from a good place.”

Among the many familiar faces who RSVP for Addison’s Big Day, original cast member Audra McDonald returns as Sam’s ex Naomi. (“It was like she never left,” Strickland shared.)

Check out the photos here, see who brought who as a date, and also watch the new episode of Spoiler Alert! (embedded below) for even more scoop on the grand finale.

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