All My Children and One Life to Live Creator Agnes Nixon Weighs In on Online Revivals

nixon amcWhether or not the proposed All My Children/One Life to Live reboot actually happens, it now has one very important player giving it the thumbs-up: Agnes Nixon, creator of both daytime dramas.

In a statement released Friday night via Facebook and her blog, Nixon said, “We of the One Life to Live and All My Children families are thrilled to bring our beloved viewers new, ongoing stories from Llanview and Pine Valley.”

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It was the first time Nixon spoke publicly about Prospect Park’s second attempt to continue the former ABC soaps — both of which went off the air within the last 13 months — as online ventures.

“I’m overjoyed that so many actors you love have voiced their desire to bring their characters back to life,” Nixon continued. “I’m especially grateful to Prospect Park for deploying the power of you, our fans, to enable this exciting transition to dramatic production for the Internet. It’s a historic moment, comparable to how life was changed when television took over for radio.”

She added: “We hope this wonderful opportunity will be embraced by all as our creative teams gear up to bring our beloved serials back to our daily lives.”

Nixon did not say what role, if any, she would have in the project moving forward.

Late in December, former AMC producer/writer Ginger Smith was reportedly tapped as that show’s showrunner and former OLTL coordinating producer Jennifer Pepperman was named executive producer for the Llanview-set revival.

Though the entertainment production company is keeping most details quiet, it is known that AMC alumni Vincent Irizarry (who played Dr. David Hayward) and Lindsay Hartley (who played Cara Martin) inked deals in late December to once more play their Pine Valley alter egos.