Game of Thrones Super-Sizes Season 3 - What Could Fill the Extra Minutes?

Game of ThronesWinter is still coming, but now it’s going to have a little extra time to get here.

Thanks to slightly longer individual episodes, the third season of HBO’s Game of Thrones will feature about an added hour of footage spread over its 10 installments, EW.com reported Tuesday.

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Showrunner David Benioff tells the site that while last season’s episodes usually clocked in at about 52 minutes each, the upcoming ones are “a lot of 56, 57.” (The series needs special permission from the network to go past an hour, as it expects to when the third season bows on March 31.)

The slight episode extension made us wonder exactly which choice morsels from the first half of author George R. R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords (which this season will cover) will make it in every week. We’ve started a semi-serious, non-spoilery list below — read it through, then add to it in the comments!

A few more minutes of Game of Thrones might mean…

• Two more incest-tinged interactions between Cersei and Jaime
• Five more skewering remarks from the inimitable Tyrion
• A scowl-and-a-half more from Arya
• Six more moments that make you want to slap Joffrey
• Two more oaths sworn by Brienne
• At least one incredibly pigheaded action by Theon
• Even more time for Daenerys to be awesome
• An extended shot of dragons circling the sky
• 50 more White Walkers scaring the bejesus out of everyone — and of course…
• At least 10 topless women