Once Upon a Time: A 'Tiny' Teaser to Ponder...

LEE ARENBERG, JARED GILMORE, JENNIFER MORRISONIn the midst of Once Upon a Time‘s five-week holiday hiatus, a small hint of things to come has slipped out of fairytale land.

Series cocreator Adam Horowitz on Saturday afternoon revealed on Twitter that Season 2’s 13th episode will be “Tiny” — as in, that’s the diminutive title of the episode. But what could it mean?

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The ABC drama’s sophomore run resumes on Jan. 6, 2013 with “The Cricket Game,” which presumably will involve Archie Hopper’s buggy alter ego. (Per the official synopsis, all eyes are on Regina when “a beloved fairytale land character” goes missing. But maybe the Storybrooke shrink has simply reverted back to his easy-to-overlook insectile form?)

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Episode 11, “The Outsider,” likely marks the Storybrooke arrival of either Ethan Embry’s mystery man (get scoop from Ask Ausiello, Question 9) or Neal Cassidy aka Emma’s old flame/babydaddy. Episode 12, “In the Name of the Brother,” as well-reported by TVLine, involves David Anders’ Dr. Victor Frankenstein, his brother Gerhardt (played by Chad Collins) and his father (24‘s Gregory Itzin).

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But what could “Tiny” be about? Could it, somewhat ironically, welcome back Lost alum Jorge Garcia as the giant from 2×06? Revolve around one of the flitting fairies? What’s your theory? UPDATE: The “Tiny” mystery has been solved!

As you think, here’s a preview of Once‘s return (courtesy of YouTube.com/TelevisionPromos):