Grey's Anatomy Recap: The Other Shoe Drops

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Derek and MeredithGrey’s Anatomy closed out 2012 with multiple bangs, a few whimpers and a handful of highly anticipated relationship turning points.

Let’s revisit the highlights from “Run, Baby, Run.”

WEDDING BELLE BLUES | Bailey is a pre-marital mess. On the eve of her nuptials to Ben (a.k.a. The Most Perfect Man in the World), Seattle Grace’s onetime “Nazi” is taking all of her anxiety/trepidation/stress out on her co-workers. And when she’s not barking at them, she’s awkwardly casting them as bridesmaids. (“Just put on a dress and don’t sit down,” she instructs Callie and Meredith.) Webber, meanwhile, challenges Bailey to examine the real reason she’s in full-tilt, basket-case-mode. “Overwhelming doubt is a problem,” he opines. “A little bit of doubt is a sign of an intelligent adult.” Later, while whisking her off to the ceremony in his fancy stretch limo, Webber gets a call that his ailing wife Adele has been rushed to Seattle Grace with a nasty case of the blood vomits. Bailey, already looking for any reason not to get to the church on time, makes a beeline for the hospital, peels off her wedding gown and preps Adele for surgery. The wedding will have to wait!

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BABY STEPS | Mer and Der are treated to an exclusive first look at their unborn baby, courtesy of a Rachel Dratch-looking OBGYN. But Mer, still jittery about her “unstable uterus,” remains steadfast in her decision to keep her uncooked bundle of joy under wraps. “I’m probably going to miscarry anyway,” she reasons to Derek, who is anxious to tell his sister, Izzie with an “L.” “This baby has an uphill climb. I’m just being realistic.” Mer later lifts her self-imposed gag order and blabs all to Izzie with an “L” after she selflessly donates some of her leg nerve to help repair Derek’s hand. (That sound you hear is the ice thawing on their strained relationship.) BTW, the super-sweet scene where Meredith visits a post-op Derek at his bedside was a thing of effortless beauty, no?

D-DAY AVERTED | Cristina discovers the real reason Owen filed for divorce was to increase the gang’s chances of landing a big settlement, thereby alleviating the guilt he felt for the role he played in the crash. “A bunch of people made it possible for a bad plane to take off,” he cries out to his estranged wife. “And I am one of those people.” That emotional catharsis pushes all of Cristina’s sympathy buttons, sending her into Owen’s waiting arms (and lips). Reunited!

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DATE NIGHT DRAMA | Still vulnerable from their split, Jackson and April think it unwise to attend Bailey’s nuptials together and risk reawakening all that sexual tension. That decision triggers an amusing game of musical dates that pairs April with Smash Williams, Jackson with intern Stephanie and — unbeknownst to them until it was too late — Alex with his nemesis/inevitable future love interest Wilson. Awkward! (Side note: Steph and Wilson’s extreme makeovers. Discuss.)

IF THE SHOE DOESN’T FIT | While prepping for Bailey’s wedding, Amputee Arizona grapples with another downside of her new normal: She can no longer wear heels. Callie initially approaches this latest crisis with humor, compassion and flattery. “You are so beautiful,” she assures her. “People stand next to you and immediately feel bad about themselves. It’s a public service that you’re a couple of inches shorter.” The pep talk lifts A’s spirits… for a few hours. She later resumes her pity party, vowing not to attend the wedding at all. And with that, Hurricane Callie strikes — and it is a most perfect storm. The glorious Debora Cahn-penned diatribe has been repurposed below in its entirety:

I’m over it. You are exactly the same person you were before just minus a leg… I have been supportive for months. But there comes a point where you have to suck it up and stop whining and start living. OK, so you have one leg. It’s a wedding. And weddings are sweet. And beautiful. And nobody’s going to notice a stupid leg because everybody’s going to be looking at Bailey. And maybe for one night our lives can be about something other than that damn leg. My whole life is about that leg. I haven’t had sex in five months because of that leg. Enough about the leg!

The speech seems to rattle Callie (Sara Ramirez’s “Oh, crap, did I go too far?!” reaction shot FTW!) more than it does Arizona, who takes a moment to fully digest the lecture before slowly sliding her prosthetic foot into the waiting flat. Arizona’s back!

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