Gossip Girl Recap: How the Mighty Have Fallen

RevengersIf you have yet to watch Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

The Grim Reaper struck on Monday night’s penultimate episode of The CW’s Gossip Girl. As Chuck and his father fought it out on the rooftop, Bart took a swing that sent him flying over the building’s ledge.

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But first, let’s rewind: Bart comes up with a scheme to exile his son to Moscow. Chuck agrees to leave on the plane in exchange for Blair’s safety. It’s all really a ruse to get rid of Chuck — for good. Blair is grief-stricken as she watches a newscast about a missing Bass plane, but Bart shows no signs of concern as he returns to his party. He’s being feted as New York Real Estate’s 2012 Man of the Year, and Dan – who’s gotten chummy with the dastardly business magnate so he can get a co-op recommendation for the apartment he’s eying – is set to introduce him. But just when it looks like Humphrey has crossed over to the dark side, he presents his “personal inspiration”… Chuck! (How did Chuck escape the plane crash? Did he never get on it? And when did he and Dan team up? How did Humphrey even know he was there? So many unanswered questions…)

After outing his father as a killer in front of all the party guests, Chuck is escorted by security to the rooftop, where the two Bass men have it out. Fists begin to fly and pretty soon Bart is hanging on to the ledge for dear life. Grasping to hold on, he begs his son to give him a hand and save him, telling him he could never really hurt him. But after Bart tried to take Chuck’s life and threatened Blair, the younger Bass doesn’t believe him. It’s all lies, he replies, as Bart loses his grip and plummets to his death.

Was Chuck right not to save his evil pops? Or should he have tried to be a better man, rescued him and let the law do its job? And will Blair, who saw it all go down, look at her fella differently now? (It doesn’t seem like it, judging from the promos for next week’s wedding-filled series finale.)

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Meanwhile, the episode set up a couple other storylines for next Monday’s big finish:Revengers

Tired of living in her own shadow, Serena is on her way to Los Angeles. Blair begs her to stay and share the spotlight with her, but S is determined to start over. For once, she doesn’t even fall prey to the boy as Dan tries to win her back, proclaiming he’s always loved her. When that doesn’t work, he slips an envelope (with the lovey-dovey Serena chapter?) into her suitcase.

Bart has Nate arrested for fraud, which prompts Sage to call in his dad for help — but her brightest idea may be revisiting his research on Gossip Girl’s identity.

Sage, Ivy, Georgina and Serena, as Blair’s “bitches,” team up to bring down Bart, and it was kind of fun. Also, we fully support Georgina starting a professional scheming business.

Nate: “I don’t know how Claire Danes does this! Spying hurts my brain!”

Gossip Girl fans, what did you think of the second to last episode ever? Did Chuck do the right thing? And should Serena forgive Dan?