Fringe's Joshua Jackson: Peter's Revenge 'Is as Bleak a Story, But as Fun a Story, as You Can Tell'

FRINGE_508_9When last we tuned into Fox’s Fringe — with the middle of the final season’s 13 episodes — Peter’s transition into Observertude made new leaps, while Olivia became privy to her partner’s unsettling secret.

Oh, and as Peter realized that he could lead Observers to death, he lost his first clump of hair.

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“He’s not in a good space,” Joshua Jackson told TVLine with a laugh, at the series’ 100th episode party. “He is hellbent on revenge and it is clouding out any other thing in his life at this point,” his closeness to Olivia included. “He all of a sudden has the power to make these things happen, so he’s on that path — and nothing will deter him.”

In this week’s episode (airing tonight at 9/8c), Peter will skulk around and keep an eye on Captain Windmark, the ultimate target of his vengeance. “He’s not really ‘stalking’ him; he’s setting him up for death,” Jackson clarified. “He’s actively trying to manipulate him into a place where Peter can exact his revenge, for killing his daughter.”

Coupling the inherent coolness of this futuristic arc and Peter’s mad new skills with a father’s all-encompassing grief adds up to “as bleak a story, but as fun a story, as you can tell,” Jackson observed.

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But what of the mother who lost a child? And who now worries about FR508_12losing her husband to the tech inside of him and his blood thirst for revenge? Last we saw, Olivia quietly exited stage left after being freaked by Peter’s white board calculations and dark determination. This week, Anna Torv told me, “She meets this woman who has a profound influence on her — which she doesn’t realize until a little bit after.”

What larger purpose does this oracle-like figure (played by singer Jill Scott) serve? “She helps Olivia to not make the same mistakes over and over and over again,” Torv answered, “to finally end a pattern.”

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