Revenge Exclusive: 'Iconic' TV Actress Circling Role of Nolan's Mother

Revenge Season 2 Spoilers Nolan MotherMom’s the word on Season 2 of Revenge, what with both Emily and Victoria “reuniting” with their respective mothers on the ABC soap this fall. Might Nolan be the next Hampton-ite to come face-to-face with his maker? The character’s portrayer, Gabriel Mann, certainly hopes so. In fact, he’s already taken the liberty of jumpstarting the casting process!

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“I don’t want to jinx it, [but] I had an actress — one of my favorite actresses on one of the most amazing shows that is no longer on the air, but I would say is quite iconic — approach me at a party about her love of [Revenge],” Mann recalls to TVLine. “[She] said that since we’re doing all sorts of mama drama in Season 2 here, why don’t we meet Nolan’s mom?

“There was an unofficial Kim Basinger-like verbal agreement that she would be interested in signing up,” he adds. “So, I’m hoping that happens.”

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One hurdle appears to have already been cleared: Mann received an informal sign-off from series creator Mike Kelley. “He clapped his hands together and got that twisted little Nolan smile on his face,” says the actor of his boss’ reaction to the news. “So, I’m hoping that was a yes.”

Whomever ends up scoring the plum part, Mann predicts that the MIA Ms. Ross will be “quite interesting If she has even half of Nolan’s qualities,” adding, “I would be really interested to see where he came from.”

OK, put on your thinking caps and hit the comments with an answer to this question: Which actress do you think Mann is referring to? Also, who would your first choice be? (Reporting by Megan Masters)

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