Revenge Winter Finale Recap: Sins of the Father

CHRISTA B. ALLEN, NICK WECHSLER, MARGARITA LEVIEVA, DANIEL GRAVES, EMILY VANCAMP, CONNOR PAOLO, GABRIEL MANNLittle Carl’s immortal soul was consecrated to God in this week’s Revenge, but the reverend probably should’ve sprinkled a little heavenly protection on daddy Jack and Uncle Declan, too — they’re really going to need it. Meanwhile, Emily and her new man positioned Daniel exactly where they (and Americon Initiative) wanted him, and Nolan’s ex made it clear he’s here for a while. Remember: This episode was your last taste of Hamptons hijinks for 2012, so savor every moment as we review the major developments of “Revelations.”

THE CASE OF THE EX | The episode opens at a skeet-shooting event before which everyone apparently huffed glue, such is the sheer ridiculousness of the outfits displayed. Victoria’s sporting a Seinfeld-ian puffy shirt under her shooting vest; I thought for a moment that Hook and Cora’s ship had run aground in South Hampton. Queen V and Conrad are courting a Grayson Global board member named Salvador Grobet; his vote carries so much weight that he’ll basically determine whether Conrad or Daniel is the company’s CEO. Emily and Aiden are there, too – they want Grobet to back Daniel, because Em’s ex will then allow the pair to have a direct connection to the initiative. The initiative is there, as well, threatening Conrad and Queen V that if they try to block Daniel’s ascension, he’ll be in extreme danger. (Side note: The initiative storyline – too nebulous to ever make sense or a well-crafted, slowly unspooling grand plan? Vote in the comments.) Nolan’s there, too, making Victoria’s ensemble look absolutely average in comparison to his double collared shirting. Really: He’s got a button-down on over a polo, and the polo’s collar is popped, giving him the appearance of a preppy dilophosaurus. In a pleasant change from the norm, Emily’s actually nice to Nolan as he reminds us that Daniel’s about to make a play for half of NolCorp. He assures her he has a plan but – much like she always does to him — won’t tell her what it is. He also taps his cheek indicating that a departing Aiden should kiss it (ha!) and I am again reminded how much I miss Nolan this season.

Nolan and Padma later arrive at GG headquarters to find Marco there. Daniel says now that the former NolCorp CFO has told him about the drained offshore bank account (though he hasn’t divulged to whom the funds went, interesting…), he wants a controlling share of the tech company or he’ll make a spectacle of Nolan’s dirty financial laundry. Nolan has to go along with it, but after Marco comes begging for his old job back, the blonde assures Padma that it’ll be easier to mess with his new overlords from the inside, Trojan horse-style. (Side note: If I were Nolan, I’d be a bit more worried about Marco’s powers of perception. The guy took one peek at The Stowaway and realized that the Amanda Clarke who lived there never saw a penny of the money Nolan allegedly put away for her. If Mason Treadwell were still skulking around town, I like to think that he and Nolan’s ex could piece together the whole shebang over cocktails. Snarky, bitchy cocktails.)

STOWAWAY STATIC | Carl is baptized, with Declan and Emily as godparents, and everyone heads to The Stowaway for a reception hosted by the Ryan brothers. Great guys, right? Nope! – as Jack finally learns when a visit and warning from Matt “By-the-way-I-killed-their-dad-and-made-it-look-like-your-dad-did-it-sorry” Duncan finally compels the elder Porter brother to look into their background. When Nolan tells Jack that Kenny and Nate are the son of the man who used to shake down Carl Sr., Jack cries, “Are you telling me they’re related to that Joe Ryan?!” Revenge, are you telling me that this thought never crossed Jack or Declan’s minds before? Oy. Anyway, the Ryan brothers beat up Matt, who confesses everything to Jack. The Ryans then continue their old man’s work by making it very clear that Jack and his family are in danger.

LATERS, ASH! | It looks even more likely that Ashley and Aiden have some sort of connection, because out of nowhere, she warns Daniel not to trust the handsome Brit with too much GG power. Of course, Aiden and Emily witness the exchange via security camera, so their next move? “We turn Daniel against Ashley,” Em declares. Turns out, Ms. Red Sharpie is sitting on some video of Conrad and Ash doing the nasty, and she sends it straight to Victoria’s phone. Vicky makes a beeline for her philandering husband and hits him with this gem: “You have wormed your way into the very nadir of repugnance.” (Feel free to use that on your holiday cards this year to keep things fresh.) Conrad’s all, “We were divorced! Daniel wasn’t dating her yet! And seriously, can you focus?” As they suck down scotch, Victoria quickly pushes her freak-out aside and they make a plan to use the video – which they’re sure came about via Americon Initiative — to their advantage. Cut to my favorite scene of the episode, where Victoria confronts Ashley with the video. Off Ash’s horrified look, Vic quips, “Yes, I had that reaction, too.” Ha! (Might I add, Victoria has redeemed her puffy shirt moment from earlier with the slinky red sweater dress she’s sporting here. Madeleine Stowe is so lovely, sometimes it makes me angry.) Ashley’s story matches Conrad’s – it only happened once, etc. – but Victoria doesn’t care. She commands her former assistant to seduce Grobet and get him to support Conrad in exchange for Daniel not finding out about the affair.

Ashley runs into Daniel on her way out and holds back tears while she thanks him for being so kind to her. It’s a nice moment, as is the parallel the show draws between young, desperate Victoria and Ashley’s current predicament. Once she’s at Grobet’s room, Aiden maneuvers Daniel to discover his honey with the horndog board member. Just like he did when he stormed Charlotte’s rehab facility, Daniel kinda impresses me with how quickly he thinks when angry. He snaps a pic of the two wearing bathrobes and threatens to send it to Mrs. Grobet unless he gets full support at the upcoming GG vote. (On the other hand, just like he did when he thought Emily was cheating on him, Daniel kinda repulses me when he shoves Ashley out of his way. Use your words, bro.) The vote eventually goes his way, and Daniel’s first act as Grayson Global head honcho is to tell Aiden there’s no room for him on the board. (Anyone else notice Victoria’s eyes zero in on Aiden before the elevator doors close? All she heard was Daniel telling him that he couldn’t have won the vote without him. Methinks (hopes?) Daniel’s mama is going to unleash a world of hurt on the mysterious Brit in the second half of the season.) Later, we see the initiative members spying on Daniel from a shadowy room (I can only assume that Cigarette Smoking Man wasn’t available?) where someone says, “Everything is in place. Shall we put the plan to a vote?”

Now it’s your turn. As far as Revenge cliffhangers go, did you find this one a little weak? What do you think Nolan’s secret plan might entail? Are you, like Emily, wondering if people like her and Aiden can ever really be happy? What would you like to see happen when the Hamptonites return from the break? And did you, too, find it weird that Aiden kept standing behind Emily and whispering in her ear all episode? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Maryam says:

    TOO.MUCH. AIDEN! He needs to go back to where ever he was before and never EVER comeback. Overall it was a good episode minus Aiden!

    • iMember says:

      You cray, cray. I’m loving Aiden’s character on the show!

      • Stacey says:

        Ditto :)

      • Margie says:

        I agree. I love him, and I like him a lot better with Emily than Jack with Emily. I just wish Aiden did have to replace Nolan in screen time. I love Nolan a lot.

        • Liz says:

          Not as good as Emily and Jack. But I do love me some Aiden in tuxedo’s. He like our own personal Hampton James Bond. But agree I love Nolan to much and he needs more screen time. Plus I had NEVER thought that Aiden & Ashley had a past. I predict that the whole Emily and Daniel snid bit we saw in the preview is her and Aiden playing him because he doesn’t want him on the board because he is with Emily.

    • gossip2010 says:

      I agree, don’t like him
      But unfortunately we’re stuck with him, and a lot of people loves him

    • shuayb says:

      I agree! I don’t like Aiden esp after what he did to Nolan. I know it gives Nolan a story line but his actions unlike Emily (most times) will have untold reprecussions that could affect Emily and HER plan.

      • JO says:

        I agree, I can’t stand Aiden !! And is it just me? Or do him and Ashley mumble all the time?? I love Revenge but it’s one of those shows where I constantly have to rewind just to catch what they were saying… so frustrating !! And many times I have no clue what they’re actually saying…

      • weque says:

        I didnt stand for Aiden at first, considering what he did to Nolan especially…:( but Aiden is the only guy who can give Emily a romantic relationship where she can be herself-can be Amanda around, and given what she’s been through, i think Emily deserves that.

  2. Jessica says:

    I love Aiden, I think him and Emily are a great match because they look out for each other! I am curious to see what Victoria will have to say to Emily.

    • shuayb says:

      Aiden and Emily’s plans differ greatly. Yes Emily will want Revenge on The Initiative but she also has plans for Conrad and Victoria. Added to the fact that Aiden doesn’t care who gets caught in his cross fire even Nolan. Emily still has her humanity in check and will surely try and save Nolan even if it puts her plan in jeopardy. Yes he is looking after her now but he has already proven himself rash and doesn’t think everything through. He is not as manipulative as Emily.

    • i don’t want nolan romanticaly linked with emily, but it’s not ike he hasn’t cared for Emily, i mean the guy is sacrificing his own company because of loyalty to dead man? Nolan has done much more for Ems that aiden can possibly do

  3. iMember says:

    Is it January yet!? This was such a great Winter Finale, setting up everything that is to come for the 2nd half of the season.

    ALSO, I’m am soooo excited we’re FINALLY getting an Emily & Victoria team up. I’ve been waiting so long for this! They share a common goal now and they’re going to help each other. YAYAYAY!

  4. iMember says:

    I just want to say that Americon Initiative is VERY classy and high tech. Also, they have amazing taste in clocks. I’m very intrigued by what plans they’re going to pull when we draw to a close this season.

  5. Kelly says:

    More Nolan. I want Emily with Jack.

  6. LJW says:

    The Initiative needs to go away!

  7. B says:

    Daniel/Declan/Jack should be written off asap! Ashley can go as well!

    • Not meaning to sound creepy but I love you. Jack, Ashley and Declan are the weakest characters on Revenge and now I have my red sharpie poised on Daniel for what he’s doing to Nolan.

  8. lara says:

    Very weak cliffhanger. I thought that they would be following the model of last year’s season, where we found out who the dead body was. I just think that the season lost way too much momentum bringing Emily’s mother into it – she was an uninteresting character who just took away from the revenge and takedown part of the show.

    • kavyn says:

      Didn’t we find out who the dead body was on like episode 15 last season? I imagine we’ll find out around the same time.

      • lara says:

        Oh, you’re right – for some reason, I thought it was the winter finale. I still stand by the fact that this season does not match up to last season.

      • Derek says:

        Madeline Stowe said in an interview on this site that the boat sinking will happen in episode 13! And yes, last year was around the same time.

  9. Patricia says:

    I love Aiden I want him to stay. Has he been promoted to series regular yet? It was a great episode but as far as cliffhangers go it was a little week. I feel bad for Ashley. I want a happy ending for the girl, I thought they were going to kill her but since she survived I guess there’s still hope for her.

  10. Alichat says:

    I seriously want to know what Nolan’s plan is. I love that he called it his golden parachute!! I keep thinking that he maneuvered his ex into this, which is why he didn’t say who got the money. But the conversation in The Stowaway points to him not being in on Nolan’s plan….so who knows.

    I did have a problem with Emily being so gung ho about Daniel’s takeover. I mean, it’s apparent to everyone (except the gullible Porters) that she and Nolan are close. He was living in her house for Christ’s sake! So how do you explain the sudden change? I mean, we the audience know why, and granted Daniel hasn’t been gifted with an abundance of brains, but she supposedly didn’t want to be with him because he was becoming too Greyson, Nolan is her friend, and she’s NEVER wanted to invest in GG. So how is this being justified….the sudden change??

    And thank god Jack is aware now……only what 5, 6 episodes late?? Sheesh!

  11. shuayb says:

    What I don’t get is that Aiden will still have something to do with Grayson Global so he’s not out of the scene all together. I hope that he know maybe tries to help Nolan. He’s an eejit.

    Americon Initiative is probably planning another attack and will need Daniel for that. I wonder if he’ll be up to it.

  12. kavyn says:

    I must belong to the small group of people who actually like Ashley. I hope they explore more of her backstory whenever it is she returns.

    I also can’t stand Aiden.

    • kavyn says:

      I can’t stand Marco either.

      • luli says:

        well.. i agree with you in one thing; i hate Marco.

      • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

        If you watched the first season of Smash, Marco is quickly becoming an “Ellis” character – one they try to make us “love to hate” and we just end up hating completely.

        They should have cast the same actor that Smash just let go. He’d have been perfect for the scum-worm-weasel type. X)

        • CaptainOats says:

          Maybe it’s just the similar annoying hairdo, but I think you’re right about Marco/ Ellis. They just look annoying!!!

          @kavyn, I like Ashley too. I really love the way the show constantly draws the parallels between her back-story and Victoria’s. The female characters on this show overall are so much more interesting and fleshed out that the men (except Nolan.) I like that they are each very strong and calculating but in very very different ways.

    • Russ says:

      I don’t hate Ashley, she just doesn’t have a good storyline. I liked the little snippet of backstory they gave us and hope there will be more.

    • Dib says:

      I like Ashley too. I think she’s a wildcard and I’m excited to see what camps she ends up in (Emily/The Graysons/The Initiative).

      • kavyn says:

        Yes, I agree. I love that she’s the “wildcard” and basically doing whatever benefits her the most, like when she was with Tyler in season 1. I personally lost interest in Emily’s revengenda at this point thanks to the initiative b/s, so I enjoy watching what the other minor characters are getting tangled into (ie Amanda, Nolan, Daniel and Ashley).

  13. B says:

    I guess Nolan will be the one taking down Daniel/Grayson Global. Can’t wait!

    • fiyero says:

      Me too – I love how Nolan has progressed from being Emily’s slightly annoying sidekick to someone who actually is manipulative and independent. Love it!

      • handtalker says:

        We NEED more Nolan this season! If anyone lays a finger on him-Padma, Marco, Daniel, Aiden, whoever-I will cut them! LOL!
        I like the Aiden character well enough, but I sure as heck don’t trust him. I hope Emily doesn’t either!
        Poor Porters! They just *cannot* catch a break! Jack just wants to make a living & take care of his family……too bad he discovered too late that the Ryans are no good.

      • i like that he has always been the guy who question emily’s plan on an ethical level

  14. Whitney says:

    I want to like Aiden but I just can’t! I’m very excited to see an Emily/Daniel reunion later in the season, as she has the most romantic chemistry with him.

    • Chloe says:

      I agree on both points.

      I also wondered why it never crossed Jack’s mind about the Ryan connection. He and Declan are not only boring, they’re also dumber than mud. I wouldn’t mind if the Ryans did away with both of them.

  15. Hmm… it was an interesting episode and this was a great recap. I’ve actually really enjoyed all your recaps this season Kimberly, it’s nice to have a recapper that is as passionate as we are(totally love the use your words comment, very apropos).
    As for the episode I really enjoyed it. It was nice to see Emily taking decisive effective action. Plus I really loved seeing Ashley being taken down. I can’t stand her. Aiden is almost creepily possessive and totally insecure about Emily. He is going to try to push Nolan away from Emily and I hope Em’s kicks him to the curb. Plus I hope Nolan’s golden parachute screws Aiden and Daniel over. I think Amanda should go down with the Amanda right after her and Jack get married. Thus making Jack a single dad and 10 times as attractive to Emily. Making her choose between her revenge and childhood sweetheart.

  16. Scott says:

    NOT ENOUGH AIDEN Aiden is awesome and So Happy he is a series regular :) :)

  17. para says:

    I love Adien!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  18. N says:

    More Nolan! Less Aiden!

  19. Gerald says:

    Is that it? That’s the best they could come up to? As far as cliffhangers and midseason finales this one didn’t live up to the hype. Overall, it was a weak episode, quite boring and uninteresting. It started out quite promising but it turned out to be a huge disappointment.
    They seriously have to drop the whole Jack/bar subplot, it’s so boring, are we even supposed to care? They seriously have to start fixing things because S2 is all over the place and I know a lot of people are losing interest.

  20. x says:

    lol i thought of Cora and Hook from OUAT too when i saw Victoria’s shirt in the first scene! haha i love this reviewer

  21. Elyse says:

    glad Ashley is gone but wasn’t the boat accident supposed to happen?

    • iMember says:

      That won’t happen until Episode 13 or 14. Just like last season, we saw the events of the engagement party in episode 15.

  22. Anna says:

    First I want to say – lovely recap, as always! Then I have to agree with everyone else: I’m really annoyed by the bar-subplot. ARE we supposed to care? Because I really don’t. Also, Jack should probably just surrender now, because he’s up against a Cylon and that can’t end well.
    In other news, I want more Nolan when the show returns. Seriously, he’s the best thing about the show atm because I feel like Emily’s a little too messed up right now – he plans don’t work out as smoothly anymore. Girl needs to fix that before she teams up with Queen Vicky!

  23. Giorgio says:

    It was a great episode, everything is starting to come together and I am really excited about season 2. Some people need to stop whining and just enjoy the show.

  24. YAY:
    1. Anything and Everything Nolan Ross ♥ Really really thankful that Nolan has a back-up plan… Ms Emily has taught him well. I pray for his sake all goes well and little Marco isn’t hiding an even sharper knife.
    2.Emily and Nolan together again! Was NOT thankful for last week’s ep… (can’t wait for the writers to stop playing musical partners on my dynamic duo. How I long for the simple days of Season 1. Nolan being bossed around by Ems… Ems and her red sharpie… good times…)
    3. Silly irrelevant Ashley getting the heave-HO…

    1.Must say I was disappointed at the switcharoo on the bloody hand… thought it would be one of the bros…
    2. TOO MUCH JACK and his Snoreaway family. At least it gives me time to livetweet when he’s on.

  25. Alex says:

    I love Aiden and Emily – I hope he stays around and they stay together. I get the vibe they are both going to be screwed in the end, but I LOVE that Emily has an alliance in the world and they can both be there for each other. Even if it’s all going to hell in a hand basket haha.

    Also, Nolan better get his company back. I will only accept this happening to his company for MAX 2 episodes before he unleashes hell and gets it back again. Otherwise it is completely not acceptable. How dare that hurt Nolan!!

  26. nikki says:

    The Poorter and the Snoreaway and that boat should all get blown up

    Aiden and Daniel are hot.

    Victoria and Conrad are my OTP

  27. Jesse says:

    Madeleine is soo lovely it makes me angry sometimes!!! Me tooo!!! I love love love queen V… And conrad of course they always have the most exciting exchange of dialogue! Can’t wait for emily and vic team up!! Yeah!!!!!!

  28. Ethan says:

    Getting more ridiculous every week. The Initiatives at the end, how cheesy was that scene?

    I don’t know why you recap Revenge but not The Good Wife.

  29. Andrea says:

    This episode was so dull. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen and it never did. As far as a midseason finale goes, it did not live up to expectations.

  30. Deb says:

    Love your indepth recap Kimberly. That being said, I was a little disappointed. It seemed a little fillerish to get us to the next episode. The bar story is DOA. I too was expecting to see the boat in the water at the end. The only way to redeem this plot is for faux Amanda to get scared for her son and tell faux Emily about it who tells her not to worry and for the two bad brothers to disappear never to be seen again.

  31. Jperugia315 says:

    It’s slowly getting back on tract , no that Emily’s mom is gone

  32. Deion says:

    Daniel is coming for his woman, Aiden. You are on notice. Prepare to return to Japan Emily-less. And none of that calling her Amanda to tug on her heartstrings. I don’t trust you and I’m confident that she will get you for what you’re doing to Nolan in the end. If nothing, Emily is patient.

  33. HEATHER says:

    I LOVE Aiden… I think he is a great additional. I am just not sure that I trust him! I want to trust him so bad, but at this point he seems WAY to perfect. I think trusting him is going to come back and bite Emily in the butt.

    Love Nolan… as always!

    Gotta Admit that I am thinking that Powerful CEO Daniel is HOT!!!! Keep it coming!!!

  34. snkwa13 says:

    Nothing actually surprised me in this episode and is quite a weak cliffhanger as it didn’t really setup much to look forward to.

    However I thoroughly enjoyed watching more Nolan, Daniel’s character development and the Victoria & Conrad dialogues. Got to admit I thoroughly love the Graysons! And is it me or is Daniel’s dressing looking sharper? Hot!!!

    Also liked how they used fauxmanda as Emily’s “conscience”.

    Loved the scene when Daniel told Aiden he was out of the board. YES!!! I seriously don’t trust Aiden and I think he is more insecure about Emily than Daniel ever was …

    Last scene, I think Victoria is planning to get Emily’s help to win Daniel back. Should be interesting …

  35. corey says:

    Have not been a big fan of the season so far. Yes there are good spots but it doesn’t have the magic of last year.

    I can do without all the plot with regards to Bar.

    • tripoli says:

      I’ve been resisting the urge to jump on this line of thinking but I just can’t anymore. It’s true, this season is just not as good as season 1. I was always so excited each week to see what was going to go down. So far this season has been a bit of a snooze and I find myself not nearly as invested.. Still like it and will continue to watch, but hoping it gets back to being awesome.

  36. Michael says:

    I ilke Aiden just fine; he challenges Emily and she seems more relaxed around him. She can be herself; I can’t say that when she’s around Jack or Daniel.

    WTF is up with Jack even staying at that bar/living quarters one more minute now that he knows his wife and son are in deadly danger from these two bad guys? Last season, I could suspend so much because the overall thrust of the show was so good with Emily on her quest.

    Now, the show is like a bad SNL sketch version of itself on acid.

    Another great, critique/analysis, Kim. Love the Seinfeld puffy shirt reference, among many others.

  37. Denise says:

    Loved the scene when Nolan went to GG and someone said something about entering the lions den. Referring to Daniel, Nolan said ” Oh, here comes Simba now.” LOL

  38. Peggy says:

    Great recap!! As others have said i can’t always understand what they are saying so I really appreciate coming on here to read the recap.

  39. april says:

    thanks for the recap…
    I love the way Revenge plays the characters… Their (all of the cast) secrets make the next series worth to wait for.. And I love Aiden character.. I bet he has his own purpose (just like everybody) by stay with Em.. We just have to wait and see… #HighCuriousity

  40. Mélanie says:

    Daniel still loves Emlily <3

  41. Jenna H. says:

    I sooooo want jack and Amanda/Emily together (blond one) the Emily/Amanda can just go 2 hell. I really have no care for Ashley and I don’t like where Daniels going with his life.I was very upset when Emily/Amanda came back pregnant no less¡ I mean seriously I was glad 2 have her gone! Jack and Amanda/Emily BELONG 2gether!!!!!! Come on! Make it happen!!!I think Nolan is epic I wish Sammy was still with us!! He RECONIZED the real Amanda!

  42. kevin says:

    I am still puzzled as to how, in any way, is emily avenging her father. The last time we saw all the evidence blew up in the plane with lydia, and then she suddenly goes to find her mom. Now, this americon initiative stuff and daniel taking over? WHEN IS SHE EVER GOING TO AVENGE HER FATHER -.-?

  43. SMC says:

    Who do we think is going to be killed off on the boat??

    • Peg says:

      I hope it’s someone unexpected. If they make it Jack, I might smash my TV screen. This season was too obvious already, and didn’t have too many twists.

  44. LG says:

    I like emily w/ daniel. jack seems more like a brother & I don’t see any chemistry w/ her & aiden. in any case, this is an awesome show. it’s gotten a little harder to follow this season w/ all the storylines, but still love it !! Nolan’s one-liners are classic & love the fashion, kim lee ozawa’s earrings on emily are all gorgeous !!

  45. Luke says:

    Let’s all face facts. Season 2 has been a letdown. The finale was much better than most of the episodes this season.The reason this season has been a
    letdown boils down to one thing, ONE issue that will come back again
    even IF they get back on track and that is.:

    There isnt anybody left to do revengy things on!

    The whole point of bringing in “The Initiative” is to give Emily more people to take down which is what the fans want. So we can complain all we want about the nitiative being Alias (a comment that I have seen lifted and used by
    just about everybody who has no suggestions to get the show on track again)

    It also cant be ALL Emily take-downs ALL the time…it would get tired fast.

    The problem Revenge has in my opinion is that it doesn’t write the
    characters well. Faux- Emily was shes good. Danny was good, now
    he’s bad. (but he is friggin hot) Jack’s so nice, he’s
    boring. Ashley was never an angel, but sleeping with Conrad AND sleeping with skeevy old dude all revealed in this episode. That was
    character assassination! She deserved better, espcially after the whole Tyler thing (Tyler..should have kept around much longer) Nolan being bi? NO WAY!! Give me a break. Dudeis gay! Look at him, listen to his eyes. He also has zero chemistry with any other woman EXCEPT the real Emily. New hot guy with accent? Well he’s just Emily’s puppy.

    The whole Emily’s mom storyline. WTF was that?

    If people are interested in the characters they will come back. Plot alone does not propel a show into longevity.

    I know that they are bringing in Conrads FIRST family next year (yup,
    surprise). Hopefully these characters will be better developed.

    They need to fire a couple of writers. Keep Mike Kelley as showrunner but bring in better writers.

    End of rant.

    Love Live Revenge!

  46. CaptainOats says:

    It seems like every other character is having more character growth, more interesting motivations, and schemes that actually work out, all at the expense of Emily and her revengenda. She is lost, floundering, and being led around by Aiden. I mean, how did these two revenge school graduates manage to get caught with their pants down in an Ashley-related scheme, for pete’s sake?! Season 1 red-sharpie wielding Emily woulda seen that Victoria would use that video to her advantage a mile away. She would have sent the video directly to Daniel, no messing around. I mean, if Daniel is thinking quicker than Emily (when he took the bathrobe proof photo, split second decision), girl is in trouble. Jeez!

  47. S. N. says:

    Agreed! Emily seems totally clueless and aimless in Season 2. She is like the supporting character in her own plot. This lack of focus and direction is totally affecting this show. Which explains why the episode cliffhangers are so weak.

  48. Peg says:

    Emily is flitting around, involving too many people in her schemes. If Aidan is meant to be portrayed as a mysterious badass/nice guy, it’s not working. He’s just annoying in my opinion. And I agree with Emily and Daniel, since Daniel is starting to become alarmingly heartless without her. I guess Aidan is alright, but he DEFINITELY needs a personality change.
    And I don’t really get the point of the whole Ashley thing. Yeah, yeah, she was a starting pros, but I would’ve thought she wouldn’t be such a cheater. Her and Conrad? Yuck.
    I just LOVE Nolan! I honestly wish they would show more of him in the series. His ex is a freaking @$%&!!!! I really hope things work out for good old Nolly guy.
    And could someone please tell me wether he’s a bi or gay??