Was Modern Family's Kiss Amiss? More Cary on Good Wife? Bloody Face Vs. Otto? And More Qs!

Good Wife Matt CzuchryWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Parenthood, American Horror Story: Asylum, Nashville and Glee!

1 | Didn’t Fringe‘s Etta hologram look like Gwyneth Paltrow? And wasn’t that one well-behaved group of commuters on the monorail Peter, Olivia, Walter and Astrid took? Maybe Observer rule has brought some positive changes to the world!

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2 | Was Nikita‘s dinner double date the show’s most intense scene yet?

3 | Hey, Good Wife producers, why have you been holding out on us with all that Cary awesomeness? But while you’re at it, can we now please get some Cary and Kalinda scenes?

4 | Did the latest Walking Dead — between Rick’s axe-swinging rampage, Michonne’s “target practice” and the unsettling Penny reveal — hit a series high in squickiness? And why are some fans bending over backwards to find ways in which Lori is still alive?

5 | On Revenge, which way do you think Daniel’s proposed no-confidence vote against his father turned out? And were those “Gift of Revenge” ads supposed to make us want to run the other way?

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6 | How could 666 Park Avenue‘s Jane be so freaked out by the spooky happenings at the Drake that she considered leaving Henry and New York City altogether and yet the very next day descend without hesitation into a deep, terrifying spiral staircase that magically appeared in the building’s basement? And without anyone’s knowledge but some random kleptomaniac teenager and her catatonic grandmother?

Gossip Girl Blake Lively7 | How I Met Your Mother fans, was Barney’s swoon-worthy speech enough to make up for another really uneven episode?

8 | Which Gossip Girl twist is more unbelievable: The Rufus/Ivy relationship – yes, we’re still not over it – or that Serena ate all that food and still fit into that tight dress?

9 | Seriously? Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in the same week saddle a contestant with Celine Dion’s drippy “My Heart Will Go On,” on The X Factor and The Voice respectively? Are they secretly commiserating via text message?

10 | Hawaii Five-0, now Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23…. When did Lee Meriwether become primetime’s new “It” girl? One could say that she’s the cat’s meow!

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11 | Is The New Normal‘s hateful Nana just covering ground Glee‘s Sue Sylvester napalmed three seasons ago?

12 | How do we hire Happy Endings‘ Boyz II Menorah for all our events?

13 | Dear Drew on Parenthood: What are you doing?! Also, who called their mom after this week’s episode?

14| What was with Modern Family‘s weird camera angle on the big Matthew Broderick-Ty Burrell kiss? We couldn’t even see Phil’s face at the moment of contact, which made the sight gag kind of worthless, right? On a related note: Can someone get us the number for Broderick’s trainer? Ferris looks good!

Suburgatory Malin Ackerman15 | Was Malin Ackerman kind of perfect as Tessa’s estranged mom on Suburgatory? Also, Sheila walking in on Malik naked in the shower  — on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being LOL and 10 being ROTFLMAO, where would you put it?

16 | Which show has made better use of Vancouver’s wilderness this season: Supernatural and its purgatory flashbacks or Once Upon a Time‘s fairytale land?

17 | Uh-oh, Nashville‘s Rayna isn’t heading for some “I can only let loose when I’m boozed up” storyline, is she? That montage of her impromptu recording sesh sure seemed to draw a correlation. Also, shouldn’t Juliette have been thrilled (instead of angry) that a paparazzo caught her leaving a club with “choirboy” Sean? Wasn’t that the very purpose of their fauxmance?

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18 | This week’s most startling reveal — American Horror Story‘s Bloody Face or Sons of Anarchy‘s Otto?

19 | If no one had told you that was Meshach Taylor (aka Designing Women’s Anthony) on Criminal Minds, would you have ever guessed?

20 | Did you think for a second that The Vampire Diaries‘ Elena was going to have a hallucinatory make-out with Stefan, thinking it was Damon? Were you relieved the show went the honest route instead?

21 | Remember when Glee‘s Sue Sylvester was one of the funniest characters on TV? Wouldn’t it go a long way to reclaiming her title if the writing staff would refrain from having her violently assault students in the hallway?

22 | Weren’t the misdirected texts between Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Weber and Avery’s mom one of the most random yet LOL story points? And how has no CGI-unsavvy viewer emailed us yet to ask if Jessica Capshaw actually lost her leg?

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23 | Admit it, you Abby-hating Scandal fans out there — you kinda feel sorry for her now, don’t you?

24 | Didn’t it seem kind of blasphemous for The Office to have Jan return sans Michael Scott? They even seemed to crop him out of her flashback cut-ins!

25 | Is anybody else obsessed with the Elementary score?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!