Grimm Preview: Claire Coffee on Adalind's Schade-y Return to Portland, Plans for Renard

Claire Coffee -- credit -- Roger SniderAdalind brings her brand of hex appeal back to Portland in Friday’s Grimm (NBC, 9/8c), and the shrewd Ms. Schade more than makes up for time missed.

“After losing her powers, instead of using her forces for good, she decides to use her forces for even more evil,” Claire Coffee, who plays the former hexenbiest, says with a laugh. “She’s on a path of revenge.”

She previews that her character gets to work the moment she arrives in town. “She’s avenging her mother’s death a bit, but I think for Adalind, it’s more [about] the shame that the captain put her through after she lost her powers,” Coffee says.

Hence her partnership with Renard’s half-brother Eric, which re-establishes the purpose she lost after being jettisoned from the prince’s employ. Adalind’s mission is simple: Recover the key – which ultimately leads its owner to world domination – at any cost. (The joy she gets from ruining people’s lives is merely a bonus.)

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“Nick, more or less, is just in her way. It’s necessary to get to him because he has the key, and she needs the key… in order to be the most powerful that she can with the royal family,” Coffee says.

But that doesn’t mean Adalind won’t have the time or inclination to visit old pals like Hank (whom she duped into obsession with some potion-laced cookies) and Juliette (who fell into a coma after getting scratched by Ad’s enchanted cat). In fact, one of the new returnee’s side projects involves Nick’s girlfriend and her new crush.

“I would imagine that becomes something [Adalind] can work with,” Coffee teases.

And though at one point in the episode Coffee’s character finds herself in what seems like a rough spot, don’t worry about the globetrotting lawyer for a minute. “Adalind is very much in control of her return to Portland,” the actress says with a hint of pride. “She’s calculated all these moves very carefully.”

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But what about her endgame? Adalind returns the key to the royals and then… is reinstated as a hexenbiest as a reward? Can that even happen? Where are Monroe and his books when you need them?!

“I don’t know if it’s possible. We’re all wondering that, too,” Coffee admits. (Fans, at least, won’t learn more until the mystical drama returns after the new year.) “I think that’s the fun thing about being on a show that has such an involved mythology. The supernatural element to it – the rules of the world are kind of yet to be shown.”

In the meantime, she adds, “It’s fun just to wonder.”