Grey's Anatomy Recap: Prodigal Yang Returns

Life at Seattle Grace settled into a kind of new normal this week on Grey’s Anatomy as Cristina accepted her old job back, Arizona resumed walking on her own two feet*, and Derek inched closer to reclaiming his title as the world’s McDreamiest super surgeon.

Herewith are the key takeaways from “Second Opinion.”

* Jackson didn’t take kindly to April comparing her sexual relationship with him to a dessert tray. Both are irresistible. Both are amazing for a moment. And both have the potential to leave you feeling “tired and bloated and gassy and guilty.” That led to an episode-ending heart-to-heart, during which McBabyBlues stopped just short of confessing his love for her. Epic Kepner freakout in 3…2…1…

* The plane crash survivors met with their legal team (which included Bones baddie Andrew Leeds) in an effort to monetize the damages they suffered in the accident. Easier said than done. After initially giving the ambulance chasers the smoking gun they so craved — i.e., a sworn statement that Derek would never step foot in an operating room again — Callie peeled away the thick layer of fear and denial enveloping her and promptly recanted her testimony. The fact is, the procedure she performed on Derek’s hand may yield a positive result… eventually. Nonetheless, the lawyers felt they had a strong enough case to go after not the pilot… not the airline… not the manufacturer… but the big fish: the hospital that put them on the plane in the first place — Seattle freakin’ Grace! Twist!

* The old Arizona’s returned! Dangling an unsolved medical case in front of her, a sneaky Bailey coaxed Callie’s bitter half — holed up at home refusing to walk around on her prosthetic leg — out of the house and back to Seattle Grace where she belongs. Welcome back, A.

* Alarmed that he was becoming “the kind of guy who graduated from high school and hangs out in his El Camino looking to nail the freshman,” Karev stopped schtupping the interns and started growing up. That included buying Mer’s old crib and taking Cristina in as a tenant! Speaking of “Worse than Medusa” (Heather’s words, not mine)…

* An all-business Owen re-hired Cristina at Seattle Grace and proceeded to act like the boss from hell to her. Passive aggressive much, Chief H? But Cris was wise to his heartbreak-fueled mood swings. In fact, I daresay she was sympathetic. (Somewhere, Dr. Thomas is smiling.)

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