Nashville Preview: Clare Bowen Says Scarlett's Standing by Her Man… For Now

Nashville‘s Scarlett may want to get a few new notebooks, because she’ll have plenty of lyrical fodder in the coming weeks.

To wit: Wednesday’s episode of the ABC drama (10/9c) – titled “You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)” — finds the unseasoned songwriter asking her boyfriend Avery, “Did you sleep with that woman?” (Not exactly inspiration for the next “Forever and For Always,” is it?)

Aussie actress Clare Bowen tells TVLine that the next few episodes will show us more of Scarlett and Avery’s power struggle, which “may or may not lead to” a split – but the big choice isn’t not likely to happen this week. “She’s not really brave enough to make that decision right now.”

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From the moment Avery gave Juliette the “How you doin’?” backstage at the Grand Ole Opry in the pilot, it was clear Scarlett’s man wasn’t the most devoted strummer in town. Then, his guitar grandstanding in front of the Lady Antebellum producer – which sunk Scarlett and Gunnar’s chances of writing for the popular country act – seemed a deliberate sabotage of someone he purports to love.

But Bowen says her character’s more confused than angry about her guy’s actions. “I really, really think that from Scarlett’s point of view, she feels guilty and tired and sad that he didn’t want to stick up for her, because she expects the best from people,” she says. “She always supported him, so [she doesn’t] understand why he wouldn’t support her.”

(By the way, Bowen was watching the episode with her onscreen uncle Charles Esten, and after the confrontation about Avery’s behavior, Esten “turns around and goes, ‘Dude, Scarlett just hulked out,'” she says with a laugh.)

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Bowen also previews that Scar’s reaction to Avery’s nonsense “gets more extreme” as her confidence grows, which just might have something to do with the way songwriting partner Gunnar looks at her, no? “There’s some interesting stuff coming from that direction, as well,” she teases.