Grey's Anatomy Recap: Grief, Stricken

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 William Daniels Sandra OhAfter months of hype, Grey’s Anatomy at long last pulled the curtain back on its big Mer/Cristina-centric episode Thursday night. The memorable hour divided its time between Seattle Grace, where Mer was tending to a super-critical patient, and the Mayo Clinic, where Cristina was also tending to a super-critical patient. Before the end credits rolled, there was a pivotal death, a long-awaited comeback, and more split-screen action than an episode of 24.

Mer’s Story | While driving to work in her fancy Mercedes SUV, Mer came upon an accident in which a cyclist had been pinned beneath a car. The victim’s name was Melissa, but let’s face it — as far as Mer was concerned, this was Lexie. The similarities between her late sister and the stranger before her were glaring: Both were women, both were in the prime of their lives, and both were “crushed by two tons of twisted metal.” Mer couldn’t save Lexie but she was sure as hell going to save Melissa. At the hospital, Webber picked up on the parallels immediately and urged Mer to hand the case over to another doctor. “I’m concerned this may be hitting a little too close to home,” he told her. “Emotions might be clouding your judgment.” Mer wasn’t convinced, and she refused to step aside. And good thing, because she ended up bringing “Lexie” back from certain death in the OR.

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Cristina’s Story | Meanwhile, at the Mayo Clinic, Cristina had her hands full trying to stop her “sex friend” Parker from firing her “old man friend” Thomas. At issue: How to best treat a woman with a “honeycrisp”-sized aneurism. Thomas wanted to proceed with a risky surgery, while Parker wanted Thomas to proceed to the nearest retirement home. “You’re a danger to our patients,” Parker told the golden oldie. “Surrender your license. Go out gracefully. It’s time.” But Thomas stood his ground and, with his trusty sidekick Cristina by his side, moved forward with the operation. “If I’m going,” he told Cris. “I want to go down fighting.” And boy, did he ever. During the operation — shortly after he basically told Cristina that she was the daughter he never had (squish squish) — he collapsed and died. The tragedy hit Cristina hard, so hard that she high-tailed it out of snowy Minnesota and back to Seattle — specifically, Mer’s doorstep. The BFFs hugged tightly and Mer finally uttered the words, “Lexie’s dead.”

What did you think of “Beautiful Doom?” Will you miss Dr. Thomas as much as I will? Happy Cristina’s back home where she belongs?