Arrow Exclusive: Oliver's Big Season 1 Nemesis Will Be Vertigo (But There's a Catch)!

Arrow Season 1 VertigoDon’t look down, because sources tell TVLine exclusively that the latest DC Comics Universe villain coming to Arrow is none other than… Vertigo!

However, we hear that the character will be very different from the Vlatavan count in the comics — so much so that he’s likely even getting a new name. On the other hand, the deadly new drug that becomes all the rage in Starling City in the Big Bad’s introductory episode (set to air in early 2013) will be called Vertigo!

Dizzy yet?

Odds are, Not-Vertigo’s superpower — the ability to disorient and unbalance his victims — will remain intact. (Dare I suggest “That Second Martini” as an alternate moniker?) However, he’s not just going to be an effective evildoer, he’s going to be a downright terrifying one.

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“He will be truly scary and nightmarish,” previews a source, who declares him “Oliver’s deadliest adversary to date.”

The new heavy is just the latest in an increasingly long list of DC characters who’ve passed through the CW hit in its freshman season. The others: Firefly, Deadshot, China White, Deathstroke and The Huntress.

So, who do you cast as Not-Vertigo? We’d go with someone kinda exotic like Rudolf Martin (NCIS’ Ari). How about you? Let loose in the comments section below.

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