Is Amputation TV's Hot Trend? Is Victoria the True Evil Queen? Supernatural Filler? And More Qs

RevengeWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Revenge, Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy and Homeland!

1 | Who knew Nikita could be so, so, so romantic?

2 | Can we all agree that Revenge‘s Victoria Grayson needs to throw more baby showers? And does Queen Vicky’s part in Amanda’s fall almost make her a Once Upon a Time-level villainess? What’s that brakes-screeching sound we hear when the show cuts to the Jack’s Bar storyline? Finally, is anyone ever going to notice the British stranger who’s always visiting Emily’s home at night?

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3 | Was the latest Good Wife so much better than this season’s previous episodes because there was not a lick of Nick?

Homeland4 | Homeland‘s Carrie is so going to have sex with the awesome and internal censor-deprived new agent played by Rupert Friend, right?

5 | Which Switched at Birth scene tugged on your heartstrings more: Bay’s reconciliation with her dad, or her and Emmett’s moment by the car?

6 | Is Rufus’ storyline on Gossip Girl so out of character that you actually found yourself rooting for Dan this week?

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7 | Sexy hobos on a train, Zoe’s Lion King reference, Lavon’s pregnant alligator, George’s sandwich problem…. Was that Hart of Dixie‘s funniest episode yet?

8 | After Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23‘s season opener, does ABC realize they now need to develop a sitcom where Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays an off-kilter version of himself? Plus: Does ABC have some kind of deal for the song “Baker Street”? Or is it just a weird coincidence that Apartment 23 used the same tune that its new neighbor Happy Endings prominently featured last season?

9 | Did the “return” of Ryan’s wife on Go On make you realize that you’d have watched A Gifted Man if it starred Matthew Perry and Christine Woods?

10 | Didn’t New Girl pretty much just recycle Friends‘ old Monica jokes — and fall into predictable fat-suit gags — when it flashed back to Nick and Schmidt’s first meeting?

11 | Has Parenthood established why Kristina’s family (mom, dad, possible siblings) have been completely MIA during her cancer fight? How exactly did Amber restrain herself from jumping Ryan’s bones on their first date? And if establishing Mark as not being a cable-TV subscriber (!) isn’t heavy-handed character assassination, what is?

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12 | Can there please be more General Hospital scenes in which Todd A) doesn’t wear a shirt, B) bodily removes Connie from his place, or C) some combination of the two? And doesn’t it seem odd that the PCPD called off the search for Jason’s body after just a few hours?

Nashville13 | This week’s Supernatural: A fun standalone, or a filler episode with not nearly enough Dean and Sam?

14 | Was Modern Family man Phil’s phobia of “monkeys in little people clothes” TV’s latest dig at NBC’s Animal Practice?

15 | Which version of Nashville‘s “Telescope” did you prefer: Juliette’s fully-produced one, or the adorable talent-show take by Rayna’s daughters?

16 | Chloe Sevigny’s American Horror Story psycho nymph is a hoot — but how exactly is she (ahem) “servicing” the central plot? And did you find Dr. Arden’s sexual proclivities to be even scarier than the terrifying exorcism?

17 | On the heels of this week’s Criminal Minds, can we all agree that limb amputation is this fall’s big TV trend? There’s been Grey’s Anatomy, Walking Dead, Chicago Fire, American Horror Story….

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18 | Really, Big Bang Theory? Leonard tumbles out of the TARDIS after an impetuous romp with Penny and doesn’t say, “It’s bigger on the inside”?

19 | Um, is Vampire Diaries‘ April — who’s underage — living on her own with no guardian?!

Grey's Anatomy20 | Could Cristina and Dr. Thomas be any more adorable together on Grey’s Anatomy?

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21 | The way that “cabal” assembled at the end of Scandal, was anyone half-expecting Flattop or Black Manta to take a chair?

22 | Was 30 Rock‘s version of Kellan Lutz exactly as you’d imagined the Twilight star in real life?

23 | Is it safe to assume that, after Andy’s latest immature and out-of-character stunt on The Office, we’re all quickly becoming Team Erin and New Jim?

24 | So, what say you: Does Watson’s hair on Elementary look better up or down?

25 | We hate to say it, but wouldn’t Abel — and probably even Thomas — be safer in Wendy’s custody on Sons of Anarchy?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!