Was Snow a White-Hot Bride? Was Homeland a Stretch? Grey's Hook-Up Coming? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story: Asylum, Nashville and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Fringe fans: Where does the line to hug insecure mom Olivia form? And did the “tree people” vaguely remind you of Star Trek‘s “Miri” disease?

2 | Does Degrassi‘s Becky — the girl who got up in arms about the gay musical “Romeo & Jules” — seem unusually cool about dating a female-to-male transgender teen?

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3 | How stunning a bride was Snow White on Once Upon a Time? Did fairytale land have a Sephora? Once Upon a TimeAlso: Was the show having a “Revolution-ary” moment as Charming went mano-a-many in a sword fight and Snow proved handy with her bow?

4 | Do you ever worry that ABC’s promo guy might strain something trying to segue from Once Upon a Time to Revenge in their Sunday promos? “A legendary villain (Captain Hook)… America’s favorite villain (Victoria)…” Oof.

5 | The mile-long alleyway outside of Miami Metro’s headquarters where Dexter and Deb had their little powwow — why have we never seen that before?

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6 | Much as we loved the tension it created, would Homeland‘s Abu Nazir really have risked Brody’s cover as a nationally known war hero and potential candidate for U.S. vice president to do the simple grunt work of transporting a suspected bomb maker to a safe house? Good Wife(Even Kate Walsh was prompted to riff on Twitter, “Hey Brody, Abu Nazir needs his dry cleaning picked up!”) And we know it wouldn’t quite track, but… what if Saul is in fact the mole and now destroys the memory card, leaving Carrie to look as batpoop-crazy as ever?

| Is The Good Wife‘s much anticipated Kalinda/hubby storyline a letdown with its strange egg fight and redundant power plays every week? And will someone please give Cary something to do, soon?

8 | How has How I Met Your Mother‘s Marshall, who is a lawyer, not written a will yet?! And why does he need a web site to help him do it?

9 | Why is Gossip Girl‘s Blair running a fashion line out of her home? Can’t she just take over her mother’s old space? Or rent her own office?

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10 | Would any reality-TV show judge other than The Voice‘s Blake Shelton have taken the time to leave his station, head backstage and give a hug to the contestant he’d cut just a few minutes prior, as he did with Nicole Johnson on Tuesday’s Battle Rounds episode?

11 | So why exactly is Revolution‘s Nate going by a different name…?

12 | Anyone else reach into their anti-anxiety pill stash after Tuesday’s insanely tense presidential debate?

13 | Who knew Suburgatory star Jane Levy had pipes?! Speaking of the underrated ABC comedy, Sheila and Fred spritzing cat-notized Ryan with the water bottle — funniest sight gag of the season?

Supernatural14 | Can Supernatural tone down the special RuPaul filter on Sam’s normal life flashbacks? We might be going blind…

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15 | Is Juliette’s “Telescope” single on Nashville kind of not as terrible as everyone thinks it is? Also, why is ABC holding out on iTunes downloads of Connie Britton’s songs? We need that ssshhhteamy duet with Deacon!

16 | Did you get a Minority Report flashback when James Cromwell’s mad scientist removed that spider robot from Evan Peters’ neck in the American Horror Story: Asylum premiere?

X Factor Demi17 | Was Demi Lovato channeling “Open Your Heart”-era Madonna with her bleach blonde hair, severe dark brows and jaunty bowler hat on this week’s X Factor? (If, of course, you’re in part of the country where Fox actually managed to air it.)

18 | If Jason leaves General Hospital in tragic fashion, is anyone else worried what it will do to Carly’s sanity?

19 | On a scale of one to Ick!, how gross was all the puking Elena did on The Vampire Diaries? And what was snarky Damon’s best line?

20 | Now that Grey’s Anatomy‘s Alex and Jo have declared their lack of interest in one another, they’ll hook up no later than next week, right? And can ABC develop a spin-off titled Gratuitous Shots of Jackson Changing Into His Scrubs?

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21 | Do The Office‘s Powers That Be not realize that every time they make Andy act all hateful and unlikable — e.g. waving off Nellie’s adoption papers — we long even more for the days of Michael Scott?

Project Runway22 | From now on, can 30 Rock‘s Liz Lemon always be referred to as Elizabeth Q. Lemonade?

23 | Was Tom’s punishment on Parks and Recreation also your worst nightmare?

24 | Wouldn’t it have been nice if Project Runway producers had spent the last few minutes of the Season 10 finale stirring up happy vibes for worthy winner Dmitry rather than focusing on the heartbreak of sweet-but-overmatched runner-up Fabio? But forget who won — what did you think of Heidi Klum’s revealing dress?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!