Mindy Project Preview: Halloween Quandaries, Office Visits and Michael Scott as a Role Model

No naughty nurse, no sexy police woman, no slutty witch.

When Mindy and basketball lawyer Josh go to a Halloween party in this Tuesday’s The Mindy Project (Fox, 9:30/8:30c), the OB-GYN leaves her fishnets at home.

“A Halloween costume is stressing my character out a lot,” says the show’s creator, writer and star, Mindy Kaling, who wears five or six different disguises during the episode. “There’s some pretty awful and pretty – I think – hilarious costumes that you get to see during the show. I look crazy in a lot of them too, by the way,” she says with a laugh. “They’re not sexy, hot girl costumes.”

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Kaling goes on to tease the re-appearance of some familiar faces, give the odds on whether other Dunder Mifflinites will show up on her sitcom and compare her bubbly doctor character to the World’s Best Boss. Read on for highlights from the conference call.

HER MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD | Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader and The Office‘s Ed Helms, both of whom appeared in the pilot, are set to show up again this season; Hader in the aforementioned Halloween episode, Helms a bit later.

TO SIR, WITH LOVE | Kaling says that Dr. Lahiri could probably learn a thing or two from a very unlikely source: Dunder Mifflin’s former regional manager. “I always think that a good series, or a good hero or heroine in a show will change and evolve. And my character isn’t 19,” she says, noting the fictional Mindy’s tendency to turn every moment into a Bridget Jonesian scene. “I think she should learn and grow. And a little bit [like] how Michael Scott in The Office was very different when he left at the end of his time… than he was in the beginning, part of loving romantic comedies is a little bit childish, you know?” Should Kaling’s show run for a while, “I would love to see her shed some of that adoration for romantic comedies and try to embrace her life a little,” she adds.

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BETTER ON TAPE | She says much prefers the comfort of an edited television show to the adrenaline rush of live theater. “I have a little stage fright. When I did plays, I was always scared, every single night. I don’t miss that.” Kaling adds that she marvels at her good friend (and Office love-hate-makeout interest) B.J. Novak’s stand-up comedy abilities. “It seems like every week, he goes to a college and does an hour of stand-up. To me, that seems incredibly daunting.”

GOOD PEOPLE, GOOD VEGGIES | The secret to Kaling’s success? Hiring an amazing staff (“I trust them a lot so I can delegate things”) and quaffing a daily smoothie. Seriously. Every morning, the multi-hyphenate drinks “this blend of vegetables and fruits that’s this disgusting green potion that I believe keeps me alive. That’s my secret trick.”