666 Park Avenue's Rachael Taylor: Jane May Soon Lose Her Sanity and Her Relationship With Henry

666 Park Avenue Rachael Taylor666 Park Avenue‘s Jane has a feeling something just isn’t right about her posh new digs (and that’s without knowledge of the widower who got sucked into a wall).

According to star Rachael Taylor, that sense is only going to intensify as the sexy, spooky drama continues.

“She hasn’t quite put The Drake’s supernatural pieces together yet,” Taylor tells TVLine, “but she’s starting to refine that unrelenting suspicion that something might be a little off with this building.”

Her solo journey to otherworldly enlightenment, however, will not be an easy one. In fact, it may come at the cost of many a thing — including her relationship with Henry (Dave Annable) and her sanity.

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“The good thing about Jane and Henry is that they do really love each other,” the actress shares. “But Henry just doesn’t believe in ghosts… and I haven’t seen any evidence in the eight or nine episodes [that we’ve shot] of him being persuaded by that argument at all… I’m not sure he will be. You can imagine, though, if [in real-life] you or I were in a relationship and firmly believed that there was something wrong, and our boyfriend said, ‘You’re crazy. That is not possible,’ the strain that would put on things. So, their relationship is definitely going to be tested.”

While Taylor is not yet sure just how big of a hit the longtime loves will take, she does “have concerns that the relationship could potentially fall apart. Because once Jane is on the path of this supernatural discovery, I find it unlikely that she’s going to be deterred from it.”

Meanwhile, the Rosemary’s Baby of it all will really come into play in Episode 5, she reveals — that’s when “Jane’s sanity is actually questioned.” Essentially, the series will “amp up really slowly” in the first few installments, unveiling the new building manager’s supernatural encounters. And then, in the series’ Halloween episode, “All bets are off. Jane is no longer this suspicious, curious person,” explains Taylor. “She firmly believes that there is something wrong here and somebody needs to listen to her. She becomes more declarative about her suspicions.”

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Adds the actress, “That moment is similar to Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby, when finally she gets the information about the potions she’s been drinking, and then something horrible happens and she realizes she has to get out of there.”

Take a peek at a first look clip from this Sunday’s episode of 666 Park Avenue, and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the fate that awaits Jane.

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