Private Practice Recap: Highs and Lows

Private Practice 100th EpisodePrivate Practice celebrated 100 episodes with a celebration of the life of Dr. Pete Wilder, as dictated by a request left in his will.

And while wife-turned-widow Violet put her best game face on as she and Addison hosted a colorful Bali funeral-style “party” (complete with Chekhov’s karaoke machine), with each  patient of Pete’s that she heard from it was clear that she was feeling something quite different under the surface. But when would she snap?

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As that question lingered, we saw that Charlotte was still far from making peace with her pregnant-with-triplets, eating-for-four status. So when Violet, in one of those “What happens when I die?” moments, asked Cooper if he and Charlotte would be Lucas’ guardian in the event of her own passing, you can only imagine the thoughts that raced through his head. Pity the man that has to present Charlotte with the idea of mothering five kids.

But ultimately Cooper did pass along Violet’s overture. And while Charlotte at first served up the expected exasperated reaction — “When I said I didn’t want any children, what I really meant was, ‘I want all the children,'” she snarked, offering to even add Henry to their brood — she later affirmed to Cooper that of course she’d oblige her best friend. As long as she gets some help with the parenting from someone who wasn’t stoned.

Wait, what? Yes, by episode’s end, Cooper was flying high and ferociously coveting the chocolate cake put out for dessert, having joined in Violet’s partaking of some weed (or “marijuana”) found in a jacket of Pete’s that she gave to Sam. That toking session (though never shown in progress, I don’t believe) segued into an amusing couple of scenes set in or around the upstairs bathtub, with Cooper going all-in, Addison being laissez faire and Sam delivering the “Just say no” speech that probably placated Standards & Practices some. (That along with the fact that all impressionable rugrats had been conveniently taken next door by Amelia.) Was that the only story beat that gave the censors pause, though? More on that thought in a minute.

Violet’s mellow moment with the Mary Jane ultimately led to a vivid outpouring of emotion, downstairs in front of her guests. How could Pete ask for a party when all anyone wanted to do was scream and cry? How could Pete ask that people have fun when he was an angrier person than any of his patients ever gleaned? Pete Wilder may have “always been there” for his patients, but did they have any idea how bad he was at marriage? With that out of her system, Violet and Cooper took Pete’s ashes to the sea and scattered them.

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But getting back to the Standards & Practices issue…. Sheldon was largely absent from the party, as he tried to squeeze in a session with a patient — until he realized that the man was disposed to take his life that night. Sheldon stuck around to get to the root of this guy’s of despair, though doing so only turned things darker. The patient was having relationship issues, stemming from his coveting of another female. His god-daughter. Who is 8-years-old.

Sheldon wondered internally if he should even save such a man. And he was abruptly forced to make that very decision when, just as the guy realized that there may be a ray of hope of being “cured” through therapy, he doubled over, having earlier set in motion his suicide plan. Sheldon called 911 and the man survived. Later, at the patient’s bedside, Sheldon said that if they both put in the work, there may be hope.

Elsewhere in the hour, Addison received The Call, that Mark had been taken off life support (on Grey’s Anatomy) — though the timing could have been better, since it sent Ad into a blubbering fit just as Violet was trying to get the party re-started with a karaoke sesh. (Where’s Audra McDonald when you need her pipes?) Also: Sam told Addison that yes, they will be friends… someday, if not right this instant.

What did you think of Private Practice‘s 100th episode and the “colorful ” palette of subject matter, tones and emotions it encompassed? And do you think the stoner session or the graphic therapy session gave Standards & Practices greater concern? Or was it just the combination of both?