Exclusive Grimm Preview: Silas Weir Mitchell on Monroe as Nick's Secret Weapon

When Nick needs someone to infiltrate a Wesen church on this week’s Grimm, he knows exactly where to turn first. After all, what’s the point of having a wolf on your team if you can’t throw him into the action every once in a while?

The plot of this Friday’s episode (9/8c, NBC) involves a religious congregation of sheep-like seelengut and its unusual leader.

“The guy professes to be a reformed blutbad, such as myself,” Silas Weir Mitchell tells TVLine exclusively. And when Nick doesn’t want to spook the pastor by busting in, Grimm-ness ablazing, “he thinks that I might be able to find my way in without letting the guy know that he’s under surveillance.”

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At the church, Monroe finds a religious community completely under the thrall of its unorthodox reverend — who’s got a special kind of communion going on with his secretary (played by True Blood‘s Kristina Anapau, pictured at right).

It’s an odd situation for the reclusive sidekick, especially after so much time spent alone “trying to keep my act together on the human level, on the straight and narrow,” Mitchell notes. “I was fine to stay home, work on the clocks, drink the coffee, play the cello. But [Nick] pulls me into the world, and I start to realize that maybe in accordance with my being reformed, I can maybe do some good in the world if I work with Nick.”

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Another way Monroe can do good, at least in the eyes of many of the series’ fans, is to spend more time with Rosalee. In the season ahead, “that’s definitely a trajectory that [the show] is going to follow,” Mitchell promises.

Enough with the smoochy forecast, and back to the stealth work! How does it turn out? “It goes as well as it can, I suppose,” he says, laughing. “You put Monroe on some kind of detail and see what happens.”

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