Is Mindy a Project You'd Like to Take On?

You already know that we think The Mindy Project is the strongest of this fall’s new comedy pilots. And now that the Fox sitcom’s Tuesday-night premiere is out of the way, we want to hear your thoughts about the rom-com-obsessed OB/GYN’s quest to change her life.

A quick recap: The Office’s Mindy Kaling created and stars in the new series, which follows Dr. Mindy Lahiri as she tries to become less of a hot mess. In the pilot, we learn that she’s quite taken with movies like When Harry Met Sally but hasn’t yet found a relationship that even remotely lives up to their hype.

Of course, that doesn’t stop her from envisioning herself as a romantic heroine, as evidenced by her voiceover when she and an oral surgeon named Tom (Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader in a guest role) meet-cute at the hospital where they work: “Met in an elevator? My hair came undone? Are you kidding me? I’m basically Sandra Bullock.” It’s a sentiment she voices again – though drunkenly and while astride a bicycle moments before she accidentally plunges into a pool – in a flash-forward after giving a far-too-honest toast at Tom’s wedding to another woman.

Mindy’s settled-down pal Gwen (Anna Camp) bails her out after an arrest for disturbing the peace and helps her realize she’s got to get herself together. That task involves going out on a blind date with Gwen’s sedate-yet-handsome pick (Kaling’s Office mate Ed Helms, also guesting here) and fending off the lusty advances of fellow doc Jeremy (Ed Weeks). In between, Mindy verbally spars with her acerbic coworker Dr. Danny (Chris Messina) and attends to an uninsured immigrant mother’s breech birth. As the half hour ends, Dr. Lahiri is most definitely a work in progress.

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