Post Mortem: Awkward Boss Talks Jenna's Choice ('The Love Triangle Is Done'), Season 3

Awkward Ashley RickardsWARNING: If you have yet to watch Thursday’s season finale of Awkward, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Awkward heroine Jenna Hamilton finally made her choice between Jake and Matty in Thursday night’s Season 2 finale. But is she already regretting her pick? Is an unexpected couple in bloom? And what about that Ricky Schwartz reveal?! Creator Lauren Iungerich hopped on a conference call to answer those burning questions and more, and we’ve broken down the scoop — as well as some teases for what’s ahead! — character by character.

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JENNA | Don’t expect her to flip-flop again. Even though she was second-guessing herself at the close of the finale, it “has nothing to do with Jake or the boys,” assures Iungerich. “The hunt is always better than the kill, so to speak. Here she is, she’s finally gotten the guy she was pinning over… and it’s the idea of, OK, she’s just given up this opportunity and this trip to go to Europe and to have an experience, and she’s sacrificing that to stay with Matty. And is that really what she needs?… For two seasons, it’s always been about the boys, and now the conversation is turning to her.”

MATTY | “I always knew it was going to be Matty at the end of this season,” says Iungerich. “I go in knowing where I’m going to end up in the season, every season. She’s listening to her gut. As much as she did fall in love with Jake, she hadn’t really fallen out of love with Matty. And so, when the opportunity presented itself for her to be kind and clean in her decision-making, she had to go with her gut.”

JAKE | Although Jenna didn’t pick him, Jake “is still very much a part of the universe,” says Iungerich, who has “a very clear point of view” for his Season 3 journey. “He becomes a crucial part of Jenna’s arc, but not from the romantic point of view.” Might his story also involve some action with a certain girl with whom he locked lips in the finale? “There’s definitely something that we’re exploring with Jake and Tamara, for sure.”

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SEASON 3 | As Jenna and her pals enter junior year, they’ll start to think about life beyond high school. According to Iungerich, “Season 1 was, ‘Who am I?’ Season 2 was, ‘Who do I want to be with?’ And Season 3 is about, ‘Who do I want to be?’ It’s a question of just not where you are, but where you want to go as a person.” Meanwhile, “the love triangle between Matty and Jake is done,” confirms Iungerich, adding that Jenna will be “in a relationship” with Matty, which will lead to “a lot of conflict and drama and confusion” as she tries to figure out who she is both individually and as his significant other. Some new recurring players also will be introduced; they’re “part and parcel of the longform arc, as well as [of] Jenna’s storyline [and] Sadie’s storyline.”

MING | The mafia will be back in “a real fun way,” previews Iungerich. As for Becca, who broke up Ming’s romance, “Revenge is a bitch, right?”

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RICKY | Despite his shocking, sort-of coming out, Iungerich says the womanizer is “very fluid in his sexuality. He wouldn’t label himself as gay. He’s trying things on. He’s trying on all different experiences. Unlike Jenna, Ricky Schwartz is open to the universe. [Laughs] With that, we have some really fun stuff in store that’s too spoilery [to share]. But I can promise you, he’s not gay.”

LACEY | Although her relationship with her daughter is on the mend, Iungerich warns that there may be “complications over Jenna’s decisions that may or may not be good that Lacey feels like she wants to protect her from. At the same time, she has to learn to be in her daughter’s corner.” Meanwhile, things are going smoothly with the hubby, but don’t forget, “Kevin still doesn’t know that she kissed [her ex-boyfriend] Ben, but Jenna does. Therein lies a potential conflict down the road. I don’t even think that Lacey knows that Jenna had seen it.”

Awkward fans, what did you think of the season finale? Did Jenna make the right choice by picking Matty and then choosing him over Europe? Do you like the idea of Jake and Tamara? Sound off in the comments!