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Fall TV Preview: The CSI Team's Lives and Hearts Are at Stake, But Whom Can They Trust?

CSI When CSI signed off last May, Elisabeth Shue’s Finlay found herself literally in the arms of the enemy when a potentially dangerous detective started to get up close and personal with her. So just how will the investigator get out of harm’s way — and save Russell’s (Ted Danson) granddaughter in the process — during the Sept. 26 season premiere (CBS, 10/9c)?

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“She will launch herself on a dangerous mission and use her smarts and her toughness,” says executive producer Don McGill. “And I can tell you this much: In the premiere, Lisa Shue as Finlay really proved herself to be an action hero.”

But Billy Magnussen’s possibly shady Det. Crenshaw won’t be the only one under suspicion: Finlay’s own main squeeze may be playing for the other side. “We’re not going to know quite whether [Detective Carlos] Moreno [played by Enrique Murciano] is a good guy or a bad guy,” reveals the EP. “We won’t really know whether he’s someone we can trust or not.”

Even if he passes the test, Finlay may not — especially after her ex-husband, a Seattle cop, is introduced during a re-opened cold case and starts to cause “trouble” for the CSI.

“All I can say is, Moreno may well be cheated on,” teases McGill.

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The theme of who can and can’t be believed will play heavily into the season opener, especially when Russell is faced with “evidence to say that it was a dirty cop involved in the abduction of his granddaughter,” previews McGill. “At that moment, [Ex-Under Sheriff] McKeen’s infiltration of the LVPD, it really comes home to Russell. We have a moment where Russell basically looks at the sea of cops and realizes there’s no one he can trust except for our guys and [Captain] Brass’ people.”