Switched at Birth Boss Previews New Loves for Bay, Emmett and Daphne, Plus Family Troubles

Switched at BirthABC Family’s Switched at Birth returns for the last leg of its freshman season on Monday at 8/7c, and there’s drama brewing. After cheating on Bay, Emmett has a lot of groveling ahead of him. Will he be able to earn her forgiveness? Meanwhile, Bay’s got a dangerous passion, and single Daphne has entered a new, high-pressure environment.

Below, executive producer Lizzy Weiss and star Vanessa Marano (photo, on left) preview Season 1C’s old loves, new romances and family troubles.

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EMMETT & BAY | The adorable couple ended its relationship on a sour note (he cheated with her ex-best friend), so their first meeting upon Bay’s return from an educational trip abroad won’t be rosy. It’s “just heartbreaking [and] fulfilling in a way,” says Weiss. “I think the viewers all felt as shocked and let down as Bay was, and her response to it and the way that she really gives it to him is an array of emotions that are all true at once.” While she’s plenty angry at her ex, Bay’s also “sad and confused and wants to get over him, but love doesn’t end overnight.” And Emmett doesn’t give up quite so easily. “He’s a romantic guy, and he likes big gestures,” adds Weiss. “In the premiere, he does something pretty big.” Adds Marano: “There is a gift that he gives to her that when I read the script, I was like, ‘Whoa. That’s pretty beautiful.'”

EMMETT | “It’s not just Bay he has to make up with; it’s the whole Kennish family,” says Weiss. Not to mention, he has to somehow reconcile himself with the horrible thing he did. “He really went off the rails in the last [season]. He has to figure out who he is away from Bay, as well.” And that includes making a new friend – and possibly something more? – in real life deaf motorcross racer Ashley Fiolek. “She’s deaf, into motorcycles and gorgeous,” describes Weiss. “We thought that would be a really interesting friendship for Emmett.”

Switched at BirthBAY | While her ex is trying to figure himself out, Bay will move on with a new guy – “He’s a different energy for Bay,” notes Weiss – and return to an old passion. “She turns to street art again, which she hasn’t been doing in a very long time,” reveals Marano. “Angry street art. She kind of falls in with the wrong crowd by doing that. And illegal activity leads to bad things.” Meanwhile, Bay’s new artist friend, played by Lost‘s Tania Raymonde, “pulls her away from the family,” adds Weiss, which makes the Kennishes “very nervous.”

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DAPHNE | She’ll get a gig in a restaurant kitchen, but the wannabe chef will have it tough in a world of non-signers. “The restaurant is a challenge for Daphne,” especially when it comes to her less-than-understanding boss (Ringer‘s Justin Bruening), previews Weiss. “This is her first time in an environment day-to-day where she’s totally on her own, and she has to fend for herself.” And what of her love life, which suffered a blow when Austin Butler, who played her boyfriend Wilke, left to join The CW’s The Carrie Diaries? “Do not worry about Daphne. Daphne will find someone to crush on,” Weiss replies with a laugh.

THE FAMILY | Although Gilles Marini is competing on Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars, Weiss assures us that the actor will remain a big part of the series. “Angelo is the fourth piece of the parent puzzle,” she says. “Whether he’s around or somewhere else, he’s always going to be part of the story. You never can forget your dad, no matter how angry you are at him or how much of a mystery he is.” But just how much of a presence he’ll have will be greatly influenced by Regina’s decision in the premiere. “Whatever move she makes, one of her girls is going to be upset at her,” says Weiss. Adding to that pressure cooker is her boyfriend Patrick, who “is yet another reason why the choice is so hard for Regina. She really could see herself with him.” (Additional reporting by Matt Mitovich)