Dallas Star Weighs In on the Finale's Big Reveal: 'I Get to Play a Whole Different Character!'

The following contains spoilers from the Dallas season finale.

TNT’s trip back to Dallas wrapped its freshman run on Wednesday night by dropping a bombshell that some saw coming, yet nonetheless foretells much more family feuding in the season(s) to come.

As the season-ending hour unspooled, Christopher’s estranged wife Rebecca (played by Julie Gonzalo) cleaned up the literal mess she made by putting a bullet through her “brother” Tommy, in self-defense — and with more than a little help from an unseen benefactor whom she speed-dialed the instant blood was spilled.

But no sooner had Tommy’s body been dispatched with did Christopher go sniffing around for that ne’er-do-well, eventually landing on the other end of the phone with the real Rebecca Sutter. That latest dollop of deception imploded the couple’s marriage once and for all and sent Rebecca to debrief with the man calling the shots in her long con: her father and the Ewings’ longtime foe, Cliff. Yep, she’s Rebecca “Don’t Call Me Pamela” Barnes.

TVLine spoke with Gonzalo about concealing her character’s identity and her anticipation for Season 2.

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TVLINE | Just how many roles did you get to play this season? There was Christoper’s sweet, innocent fiancee, Rebecca Sutter the begrudging con woman… and now Rebecca Barnes.
[Laughs] It’s crazy how now I can hear it and agree and not be coy about things. I couldn’t be more pleased and blessed as an actor to start one way and think it’s going to go one way and it’s completely the other. I got to do a lot of things I never thought I’d get to. I couldn’t be happier how it turned out.

TVLINE | At what point did you learn that she would end up a Barnes?
Before we even went to Dallas to shoot the pilot, they let me in on the secret — and it was one of those things like, “Don’t tell anyone anything, ever!” And I couldn’t play [that she had a secret], even though I knew.

TVLINE | As fun a reveal as it was, some fans guessed her true identity a while ago.
Oh, they were guessing right at the beginning! From the minute they heard her name was Rebecca, that’s all I kept hearing. I found it amazing to see how many original fans are out there, and they are so enamored with this show. They’d say, “Why else would your name be Rebecca?” and I had to be like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about….” It was hard.

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TVLINE | So, what is Rebecca’s end game, on behalf of Cliff?
I don’t know. If I were to guess, she’s pissed now — and you don’t want to make a Barnes pissed. So there are a lot of things to play with next year.

TVLINE | Are you of the mind she has true feelings for Chris?
I think so. Cliff even said, “You’re just like your aunt Pamela. When it comes to the Ewings, I never could trust her — and I can’t trust you.” So I think she is in love with him, she really is. But now she’s pissed. [Laughs]

TVLINE | And now you get to play a steely, driven, embedded Ewing adversary….
I get to play a whole different character next year, a new layer of someone. I don’t know where they’re going to go with it, but I know it’s going to go darker. The Rebecca you met in the first few episodes, I doubt she’ll be coming back.

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TVLINE | Outside of the big reveal, what were your favorite scenes from the finale?
I really liked when Chris confronts her, and she’s just like, “Let’s go. I never had a chance with you.” There were also great moments with Josh [Henderson, John Ross] and Jordana [Brewster, Elena]…. The last two episodes of the season were my favorites.

TVLINE | Well, congratulations on the show’s success. It turned out to be a real summertime crowd-pleaser.
It’s great to hear that. We’re so attached to it, sometimes you can’t see what’s happening out there. It’s so beautiful to hear that what you worked on so hard is being well received – so thank you.

Season 2 of TNT’s Dallas will premiere in January 2013.

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