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What has Supernatural Sam gained — and given up on — during Dean’s absence? Which fairytale character did Once Upon a Time almost not get its hooks into? Is a White Collar bromance over? What secret is Leverage keeping? Read on for answers to those questions plus other teases from fall and summer shows.

Leverage | We open this week’s column with a pair of burning questions. No. 1: What the heck was that cryptic exchange between Nate and Hardison at the close of the season premiere? Something about a secret they are keeping from the rest of the team? I pressed Aldis Hodge, who plays Hardison, on the issue, but all he would say is, “That gets paid off in the season finale, so you’ll have to wait and find out.” C’mon, not one more clue? “Like I said [in this TVLine Q&A],” he added, “there’s a reason why we’re now in Portland.” Hit the Comments with your theories!

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White Collar | Burning question No. 2: Have we seen the last of Neal and Mozzie as partners in conning? Because as Neal got flown back to the States in Episode 2, Moz chose to stay behind in their idyllic getaway. But fear not, “At the end of the day Mozzie realizes that without Neal it’s no fun,” Willie Garson told me. “Mozzie wants to be in the action, and the action is with his buddy Neal!” (Staying in the mix also means doing The Suit a solid, as Moz does in the next episode.) Turning from bromance to romance, might Mozzie find a new flame this season, as hard as it would be to top the likes of Diane Farr and Lena Headey? “We’re shooting Episode 11 right now and Mozzie doesn’t have a girlfriend… yet,” Garson said. “But there is always a chance.”

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Supernatural | Pamela emailed to ask if I have “any inside scoop on the Winchester boys.” Well, this week’s Ask Ausiello – coupled with this casting news – gave you a taste of what Dean will be dealing with at the start of the season. So let’s turn to Sam. Because while this other (and prettier) piece of casting may have you thinking (proactively freaking?) that time will be spent on lovey-dovey romance, Jared Padalecki reveals, “Sam is no longer with [Amelia]” when the season starts. “Most of the love interest stuff we see is all in flashback, though I know she will come back to non-flashback at some point in time.” What else was Sam up to while Dean was in purgatory, aside from getting’ down with his new girl? Not killing things that go bump in the night, it turns out. “Essentially, Sam walked away from the life when Dean, Castiel, Kevin and Crowley disappeared,” Padalecki previews.

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Once Upon a Time | With the casting of Sleeping Beauty and Mulan, the question becomes: How will the new princesses be threaded into Season 2? “They come into the show in a very surprising and unique way,” series cocreator Eddy Kitsis says. “We’re really excited because like everything we’ve done, we’re not interested in retelling you the version that you’re used to. We feel like we have great spins on both characters, and what we love is how they’ll interact with the people we already know and love.” As for the Comic-Con reveal that Captain Hook is also on the horizon, it’s interesting to note that that cameo almost didn’t happen. “Peter Pan is my favorite fairy tale, but for the last year, Adam [Horowitz] and I could not get the rights,” Kitsis shares. “So we’ve had Captain Hook on our shelf… for a while.”

Saving Hope | Dipping again into the reader mailbag, Kim wants scoop on Alex and Charlie, stat! “I am getting attached to these characters and hope to hear that Charlie wakes up before it gets cancelled or — gasp — renewed.” Well hurry up and read this, Kim, because a critical arc kicks off tonight. “While Alex continues to work with a new and intriguing case, Charlie’s need to connect to life in any way intensifies,” Erica Durance tells me, previewing Charlie’s bond with a fellow comatose spirit (and a bride-to-be, at that). What’s more, “The need for Alex to bring Charlie back escalates when [his ex-wife] Dawn comes back into the picture petitioning for the legal right to determine Charlie’s life-and-death decisions — thus setting up the ultimate challenge for Alex in Episode 8, airing next week.” Super drama.

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Breaking Bad | If seeing Walt with hair and new specs threw you a bit during the season premiere’s flash-forward, prepare to find him less and less recognizable even in the present, as the final episodes unfold. “This season really allows the viewer to be conflicted to the greatest degree ever,” three-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston teases. After all, in Season 1 we were only begrudgingly rooting for this cancer patient to, by any means necessary, take care of his fam’s future. But now, he wants to be a meth king just to be a meth king. “The point of view that Walter has taken now is so desperate and so egregious and so ego driven, he’s on a plane that is unrecognizable to people around him,” Cranston says, evoking for us the image of wife Skylar looking uneasy during their latest moment together. “It’s like living with a schizophrenic.”

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Covert Affairs | As you may have surmised from the new promos, next Tuesday’s episode is “very Auggie-centric,” exec producer Chris Ord tells us. “He’s out in the field, and it’s very action-packed. …. [For] fans of Auggie, I would say to definitely tune in.” All of which would seem to lay some foundation for the storyline that will point Chris Gorham’s character in the direction of CIA shrink Dr. Suzanne Wilkins (played by One Tree Hill alum Daniella Alonso). “It’s safe to say that Auggie will be finding his way to her couch,” Ord confirms. “We don’t want to get into the reasons why, but those will become evident over the first few episodes. I think she is a fantastic actress and she and Chris play really well together.”

Common Law | Speaking of pretty therapists, fans of this USA Network dramedy may be wondering: Will either Wes or Travis ever get thinking about “laying down on the couch,” so to speak, with Dr. Ryan—seeing as she is played by the gorg’ Sonya Walger? “We go there. We go there,” Michael Ealy assures me. “Absolutely. How can you not? She’s smart, she’s good-looking, she’s sexy … she’s got that [British] accent, which probably helped her get the part. She brought a certain authority to the role; she was a total contrast to us.” Viewers can watch the sparks fly between the shrink and [spoiler!] in the Aug. 3 episode, “Hot for Teacher.”

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