Political Animals: Does It Get Your Vote?

On Sunday night, USA Network set the Political Animals loose, premiering its six-episode limited series starring Sigourney Weaver — and even upon my third time watching the first episode, it left the biggest smile on my face.

“I am the meat in the Big Mac of this party!”

“No Pulitzers to speak of since then?”

Elaine Barrish’s curt warning to the Russian ambassador, in Russian.

Every single stinging, zinging syllable of Margaret Barrish’s dress-down of reporter Susan Berg.

“It’s not supposed to be easy!”

And of course the very final moment, leading with: “Can you keep a secret, Clark…?”

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You met Elaine Barrish (Weaver), who is trying to sidestep her philandering ex-husband’s White House legacy to make a name for herself as a Secretary of State. There’s her son Doug (James Wolk), who is on top of State Department issues but seemingly oblivious to his fiancée’s foibles; his twin TJ (Sebastian Stan) meanwhile is putting on the best face possible even as he succumbs to assorted vices and has a dark secret splashed across the Internet. And family patriarch Margaret (Ellen Burstyn) is the truth-teller and highball-tipper.

The aforementioned Susan Berg (Carla Gugino) wants to do the right thing and stay out of the newsreporting muck, only to have her dumb, dumb, dumb boyfriend boss leak her hot tip to the nubile blogger he’s shtupping (dumb!) on the side.

And you also have ex-POTUS Bud Hammond (Ciaryn Hinds), who’s so full of himself he can’t detect the wrongest time (i.e. post-coital) to toot his own horn, while NuPOTUS Paul Garcetti (Adrian Pasdar) thus far has done nothing to court favor and land on our ballot. (Other than being Flying Man, of course.)

What did you think of the buzzy drama’s opening hour (or, actually, 70+ minutes)? Was it what you expected? Lighter? Whose performance are you most enjoying? Can we forgive them that political rally dancing scene? And did that final moment of bonding between Elaine and Susan cinch your vote? (Fun fact: that’s how TVLine gets a lot of our exclusives — on a park bench, outside a zoo, from Sigourney Weaver).

Vote in the poll and share your review in Comments. (And if you need to get to your DVR recording first, Breaking Bad fans, we can wait.)