TVLine Items: Is Randy Jackson Leaving Idol, Too? Plus, a Bachelor Blooper Special and More!

You on your way out, dawg?

Following Steven Tyler’s rambling letter of resignation from American Idol Thursday and Jennifer Lopez’s 99-percent confirmation that she’s leaving, too, there is talk that Randy Jackson may not be long for the judges’ podium, either.

Rather than depart the singing competition completely, though, Jackson is rumored to be taking a mentoring role at the show, US Weekly reports. His possible replacement? Pop sensation Mariah Carey, who is allegedly is “in serious talks” with the show. Other floated names include former contestant/pop singer Adam Lambert and The Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie.

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Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Tosh.0 host Daniel Tosh is reportedly scrubbing all rape references from the pilot of his new animated Comedy Central series, Brickleberry, which is to premiere at Comic-Con Friday night. The patch job, reported by Rumorfix.com, comes after audiences – and the Internet – took great umbrage at a rape “joke” made during one of the shock comedian’s recent stand-up gigs.

• Mike Fleiss, creator of ABC’s Bachelor/ette franchise, asked the Twitterverse Thursday whether they’d watch a blooper special filled with gaffes and flubs from the dating shows. Apparently, the answer was a resounding yes: “The positive reaction … has not gone unnoticed. ABC wants us to start producing immediately!” he tweeted later that day. No word yet on when the outtakes collection will air.

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Elizabeth Banks is on board for the Family Guy Season 11 premiere, EW.com reports. In the Sept. 30 episode, the 30 Rock alum will voice the uber-perfect wife of one of Lois’ old boyfriends. Banks is the third big name, after Johnny Depp and Kellan Lutz, to book a role on the Fox series’ forthcoming season.

• HBO has vampires, AMC has zombies and now Showtime might have its own take on the undead with a Sleep No More,  a new series in development from Hung and The Riches creators Dmitry Lipkin and Collette Burson. Per our sister site Deadline.com, Sleep is set in a town where the dead don’t stay that way.

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• Bill Heck will recur on CBS’ Elementary as Ty, a hot young lawyer in the District Attorney’s office who has history with Lucy Liu’s Joan Watson, Deadline.com reports. In addition to theater work, Heck’s recent TV credits include Person of Interest and Pan Am.

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