Was Dallas Too Slick? Is a Final Killing Twist to Come? Got Gilmore Flashbacks? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including True Blood, Bunheads, The Killing and Dallas!

| Jamie didn’t really murder Rosie Larsen on The Killing, right? There’s just gotta be another dodge coming. It’s The Killing!

| Dear Drop Dead Diva: Was it really necessary to make the already controversial Kim Kardashian even more unlikable by pitting her between Jane and Stacy?

| After the opening dance number, the marathon song and hanging upside for an entire segment, can we name Tony Awards emcee Neil Patrick Harris the host for all awards show from now on? Speaking of the Tonys, leaving Private Practice kinda sorta worked out well for Audra McDonald, didn’t it?

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| Did Mad Men‘s latest knockdown of Pete evoke a cartoony Little Rascals fistfight? All that was missing was the whimsical sound effects. And when Don walked into the movie theater in the finale, who was afraid that he was going to find Peggy, um, involved with another random patron?

| The best twosome in True Blood‘s season premiere — Eric/Bill, Sookie/Pam or Jason/Rev. Newlin? Vote in the comments!

6 | What’s it going to take to get Kathryn Hahn (currently recurring on HBO’s Girls) a starring vehicle that doesn’t get axed after a few episodes?

| Is there a comedy — or really any series — that makes better use of profanity than HBO’s Veep? Also, does anyone else think that Reid Scott —Bunheads Sutton Foster so sleazily ambitious as Selina’s staffer Dan, and yet so doe-eyed adorable in his prior stint as Cathy’s smitten young doctor on The Big C — could be the Next Big Thing?

8 | Which scene from the Bunheads premiere reminded you the most of Gilmore Girls? (For us it was Fanny and Michelle’s dive bar bonding session.)

9 | How does one trump former Disney queen Ashley Tisdale as a Sons of Anarchy call girl? Maybe Phineas and Ferb will construct a contraption to help Walter White cook his meth?

10 | Yes, The Glee Project‘s transgender contestant has got an intriguing backstory and a sweet personality. But Ryan Murphy will have no choice but to send Tyler to the reality-TV guillotine if he doesn’t exhibit a smidgeon of singing/acting/dancing talent in the next couple of weeks, right? And was there anyone who didn’t kiss on this week’s episode?

11 | Who would have ever expected NBC’s Love in the Wild to feel like a more genuine relationship-starter than ABC’s extended Disney Princess fantasy also known as the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise?

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12 | Anyone else feel vaguely skeeved out listening to So You Think You Can Dance‘s Nigel Lythgoe tell innocent-looking, 18-year-old, braces-wearing Whitney Carson that she had a “smokin’ hot face” during the Salt Lake City auditions?

13 | Did you get chills when the Dallas theme and familiar title sequence was cued up on the TNT series’ debut? Also, as “splashy” a visual it is to have John Ross and Elena frolicking in the downpour of a gusher, wouldn’t that oily grime be an absolute horror to ever wash off? (And kinda poisonous if ingested? Frankly, it reminded us of Zoolander‘s gas pump dance number.) And what do you think of this working theory: Someone paid off Bobby’s doc to misdiagnose him and cause false symptoms, thereby prodding him into selling Southfork.

14 | Was Weeds cancelled three seasons too late?

15 | When did we as a country forget how to laugh at a prank, like Game of Thrones‘ allegedly random use of a severed George W. Bush head in the background of a scene? The real GWB is alive and well and certainly has never been decapitated, so why the fuss?

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16 | True or False? ABC’s Duets would be a better show if all the contestants were auditioning to be backup singers for Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Nettles.

17 | At first blush, Jeanne Tripplehorn joining Criminal Minds seems pretty perfect, doesn’t it?

18 | As thrilling as the Burn Notice premiere was, aren’t we all getting a little tired of the “dead man’s switch” (aka “Shoot me and X blows up!”) gizmo being used on crime dramas?

19 | On Saving Hope, when Charlie’s ex was suggesting “arousal” therapy or whatever to Alex, who half-expected her to offer up her own services?

20 | Is there anything sadder than Shannen Doherty’s Education Connection ad airing during a rerun of Beverly Hills, 90210 on SOAPNet?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!