Did House Guest Surprise? Supernatural Creep You Out? Glee Dads Missing? And More TV Qs!

Popular TV Shows 2012 SupernaturalWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including Supernatural, House, American Idol and Modern Family!

1 | Was the sight of Dean in purgatory, surrounded by monsters, the creepiest visual Supernatural has given us in years?

2 | Hey, Degrassi: What was the point of bringing back Holly J. if you were going to give her nothing to do?

3 | Has Saturday Night Live ever done a send-off as sweet as the one they held for Kristen Wiig?

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4 | Mad Men‘s Don misses having his missus, Megan, around the office — do you?

5 | So, The Killing would have us believe that if the teenage daughter of an ex-girlfriend you haven’t spoken to in roughly 16 years shows up on your doorstep, you just welcome her with open arms and allow her to confide in you very personal things — including that she plans to run away — all without picking up the phone to loop in her mom?! And are we expected to believe that despite all of the news coverage that Rosie’s birth father had no clue she was dead?

6 | Is there anything weirder than the way AMC keeps running ads for CSI: Miami reruns during episodes of The Killing? The total crossover audience for those two shows has to be in the double digits, right?Popular TV Shows 2012 House

7 | Who else really wanted Game of Thrones‘ Brienne to knock Jaime Lannister unconscious before putting him in the canoe and rowing him to safety?

8 | Arsenio Hall totally won Celebrity Apprentice just by sucking up to Donald Trump and telling him he’d drop the mogul’s name in every interview from now until his possible/inevitable late-night comeback, didn’t he?

9 | Did you like how House‘s series finale seized the day to sneak in an 11th-hour Dead Poets Society reference, even with Robert Sean Leonard not in the scene? Who else let out an audible squeal when Cutthroat Bitch popped up? And how did the show manage to make Olivia Wilde looking anything but stunning these final two episodes? Or were we being “true” to Thirteen’s sickly-ish state?

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10 | Seriously, why aren’t you watching The L.A. Complex? It’s like everything you’d want from a CW soap, and it delivers. Plus, Kal and Tariq: TV’s most interesting, unexpected romance?

11 | Was Rachel disowned by her gay dads on Glee? How else to explain their glaring absence from her graduation, and then later at the train station? (Or would that have gotten in the way of her leisurely 25-block stroll, with suitcase in tow?) Speaking of which, did the show use the same magical train line that Smash does, running service between Ohio and Grand Central (versus Penn Station)? And Cory Monteith, where have you been hiding those acting chops?

12 | Has anyone checked to see if there’s some kind of hypnotic, subliminal message in Chopped that keeps you from changing the channel? Because we can’t stop watching.

13 | Just to be clear, Revenge‘s Emily was thrown head first into a glass-doored cabinet — as but one part of a larger, absolutely brutal throwdown — and all she came away with was what looks like a shaving nick? And what assurances does Em have that the one unfriendly who knows her true identity, the White-Haired Man, won’t blab? But on the positive side, was this episode more expertly directed than usual? The amazingly staged shot of Emily entering Nolan’s house, Em with an axe, the wickedly cool closing montage set to Florence + The Machine’s “Seven Devils”… just, wow.

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14 | Do you think Don’t Trust the B—- In Apartment 23‘s twisted sense of humor is better suited for cable?

15 | That ridiculously absurdist, over-the-top telenovela subplot was very out of place on Modern Family, right? On 30 Rock, totally. Three’s Company? Yes! But Modern Family? No.

16 | With the way Jennifer Holliday devoured Jessica Sanchez whole while simultaneously eliciting the Idol finalist’s best performance all season, do you think it’s pretty much guaranteed Nigel Lythgoe will sign her on for a week (or three) of Rookie Blue Ben Bass Missy Peregrymguest mentoring in Season 12? Also: Can we please retire Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” from the song list? Two covers of it in the last three months served as the final nails in the coffin.

17 | Andy’s bangs on Rookie Blue: Yay or nay? And how heartbreaking was guest star William Shatner?

18 | Is it too late for the producers of ABC’s Duets to demystify the show’s “secret” scoring system? If the power to send contestants home is going to rest in the hands of the celebrity judges, they should be accountable to the audience for the scores they’re giving, no?

19 | If Awake must be cancelled, can we at least get a sitcom spin-off about Britten’s two combative shrinks? Maybe make them mismatched roommates? Or they go open a practice together in Shrink, Inc.?

20 | Is it fall, yet?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!