Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, Hawaii Five-0, Falling Skies, Rizzoli, True Blood and More!

Will NCIS climb back up any family trees? What sort of “welcome” does a Falling Skies hero get? How will Five-0‘s McGarrett juggle business with pleasure? Read on for answers to those questions plus other teases from fall and summer shows.

NCIS | As I was hopping on the horn with showrunner Gary Glasberg, one of y’all tweeted me to ask about the “Abby’s brother” storyline touched on early in Season 9. “I can tell you that we are far from done with Abby’s brother,” Glasberg assured. “That’s something we will definitely be touching on in Season 10.” And though the show boss was a tad less committal to the matter of McGee’s never-seen, estranged father, he did allow that that storyline “may very well be something we revisit, too.”

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Falling Skies | Season 2 of the Spielberg-produced alien-invasion drama is now less than a month away (bowing June 17), and if you saw the three-minute clip we shared a few weeks back, you know that Tom Mason – last seen boarding the ETs’ craft – returns a few months later, seemingly no worse for the wear. That said, you have to imagine that his fellow survivors cast a wary eye on him. “It’s, ‘Glad to have you back! Hope you’re not a security risk!'” Noah Wyle says of Tom’s not-entirely-warm welcome home. “I then go about trying to reintegrate myself into the group, earn their trust and hopefully find out what the Hell they did to me on that ship.” And while viewers are made privy to at least some of what Tom endured up in the sky, will he necessarily recall it all? “There’ll be a bit of that,” Wyle shares, “but it sort of plays itself out over the course of the whole season.”

Hawaii Five-0 | As reported earlier this spring, Combat Hospital vet Michelle Borth, after recurring for two seasons as Five-0′s Lt. Catherine Rollins, has been promoted to series regular regular status for Season 3. But how will that work exactly? How will McGarrett’s No. 1 lady enter the mix? “It’s very organic,” starting with the Season 3 opener, says showrunner Peter Lenkov. The only “trick” is Rollins and McGarrett juggling the personal with the professional. “When she originally joins, they are still dating,” says Lenkov. “And it’s going to be very difficult, like any relationship is.”

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Rizzoli & Isles | Hey, remember how Season 2 ended, with Jane shooting Maura’s dad? That’s gotta leave a mark – on their she-lationship, right? Things will be a little complicated when Season 3 picks up on June 5? “I would say a lot complicated!” Angie Harmon tells me with a chuckle. She then adds: “If you’ve ever had a fight with someone you love or care about, this is the show for you. It’s very high stakes these two are fighting over.” Harmon then echoes that which her leading lady Sasha Alexander shared with me, that this rift ‘tween the crime-solvers won’t be smoothed over overnight. “I personally like that they didn’t bring it together full-circle in one episode,” Harmon says. “It takes a little bit.”

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Casting Calls | Will White Collar faithful be saying, “Neal who?” The USA hit is looking for a “name” to fill the guest star role of a successful Wall Street trader who possesses “the demeanor of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross and the build of young Sylvester Stallone.” Suggestions?…. Any runners-up to the aforementioned gig might want to hustle over to True Blood, where they’re hot to guest-cast Gondry, a muscle-bound Vampire Security Guard who has amused contempt for his assignment…. What fine mess has Suits‘ Harvey gotten himself into? I ask because that USA drama is casting a lady legal eagle, age 50, to defend Harvey in a suit filed against him. Thing is, as she delves into his case, she grows unsure of Mr. Specter’s innocence. (Get in line, honey.)

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