Rookie Blue: Missy Peregrym Previews Andy and Sam's 'Complicated' Relationship

Rookie Blue Ben Bass Missy PeregrymRookie Blue‘s Andy didn’t have the best experience when she tried mixing police work and pleasure last season. And yet she’ll give love another try, with her former training officer, when the cop drama returns this Thursday at 10/9c to ABC.

Here, Missy Peregrym dishes on Andy and Sam’s “complicated” romance, the return of her ex Luke and another blast from the past.

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TVLINE | When the season picks up, where is Andy at, professionally and emotionally?
As part of my suspension, I cannot see [Sam] for three months, so I take off. We pick back up this year with me skydiving and getting the call that my tribunal has been set. I have to go there and say my piece, say why I deserve this job and, hopefully, get it back. As I head back, I’m so excited, thinking, “Yes, I’m going to get my job back and I’m going to be with Sam! Finally, everything’s going right!” But Sam is so upset that I just took off for three months after we both sacrificed a lot to be together when we weren’t supposed to, so why now would I actually abide by the rules? We’re trying to figure out our groove, and I have to earn his trust back. … It’s really complicated to be in a relationship with him. It’s not what I thought it was going to be like. He’s extremely overprotective, and he doesn’t know where that line is anymore of when to let me go and do my job without wanting to jump in and save me from everything, which is irritating for Andy obviously.

TVLINE | What are they like as a couple, aside from these issues?
Definitely goofy. It’s the same thing that you saw in the last two seasons where we’re still competitive and give each other a hard time. But it’s fun. We’re excited to have each other back in each other’s lives and to try what we’ve been dreaming about doing — if we’re going to be honest here — for two years.

Rookie Blue Ben Bass Missy PeregrymTVLINE | Andy’s been away for three months. Does time and distance make the heart grow fonder?
It did for me. But Sam’s so mad at me when I get back… He looked at it as I chose work over him. Really, he chose me over work [last season].

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TVLINE | Luke isn’t in the season premiere. Will he be back?
He went on the gang task force for a bit. We’ll see him later in the season.

TVLINE | How will Andy welcome him back? Will she be happy to see him?
It’s tough. … It’s a bit weird, even in the premiere. I don’t know where he is. I assume he’s back at the precinct because we haven’t spoken. Gail knows he went to the gangs, and I had no clue, so it’s already a sting, like, “Jeez, this thing is really over. I have no clue what’s going on in his life. And he has no clue what’s going on in mine.” So when we see each other again, obviously, there’s going to be a bit of a pang.

TVLINE | The Andy/Sam fans are probably wondering: Is he going to be a factor in her new relationship?
[His return is] more of a professional thing. The love triangle, that’s over at this point. It’s really a matter of how are Sam and I going to balance the pressures of work and our personal lives. There’s some pretty dramatic things that happen in this season that are extremely challenging for us.

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TVLINE | What can viewers expect in regards to exploring Andy’s family?
That’s a really tough situation because there are a lot of feelings there. My dad was an alcoholic, and I was always taking care of him. We have a great bond, and he’s finally getting himself together. But just when things are starting to really come together in my life, I see my mother on the job when we both answer the same call. It’s so ironic, her position – I don’t want to give things away too much, but it’s so cutting what she does for a profession, and then the irony of our relationship. I don’t know how to feel. I’m really angry and upset, my feelings are so hurt that I was abandoned. But at the same time, I desperately want my mother in my life. I’ve missed her. … I don’t handle it great.

TVLINE | When I spoke to [executive producer] Tassie Cameron, she said the theme of the season is, “Be careful what you wish for.” How does that apply to Andy?
It applies to work. I really want my job back, but now I have these conditions. … And also with Sam. I’m so excited to finally be in a relationship with him, and it’s way more complicated than I thought it was going to be. The third thing is, I’ve always wanted my mother in my life, and now she’s in my life and I don’t know what to do with it.

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