Hart of Dixie Finale: Find Out Who Hooked Up, Who Broke Up and Who Made Up!

Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Monday’s Hart of Dixie finale, avert your eyes now! Everyone else, read on…

As promised by showrunner Leila Gerstein, The CW’s Hart of Dixie indeed ended its freshman run with a sexy, stormy bang!

With Bluebell in the throes of a violent downpour — and on George and Lemon’s wedding day, no less — everyone was just a tad out of sorts, particularly Zoe Hart. In fact, the petite doc was determined to “object” to the impending nuptials given her newfound love of Mr. Tucker. But thankfully, her bestie Lavon convinced her to bite her tongue (aka leave town for the day).

Fellow singleton (and unrequited love) Wade also happened to be away for the afternoon, and after a car malfunction he met up with Zoe for a ride home. As luck would have it, though, the storm blocked the the road back to town and the two became stranded in an old barn.


And all wet.

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Wade, using this opportunity to get a few things off of his chest, first told his crush that they were never friends, and then revealed that he believes his so-called feelings for her are simply the result of pent-up sexual tension. Enter a few escaped barn animals (of course) that Zoe and Wade bravely rescue from the storm, and you’ve got yourself two drenched should-be lovebirds ready to give it a go — starting with one very sweet kiss. (Come on, how could Zoe resist when Wade said to her, “There’s something here, something between us”?!)

Once back home, they decided to part ways. However, a reunion was just around the corner. Wade showed up at the doc’s door dressed to the nines, but there was really no need for all the fancy schmancy stuff — Zoe immediately ripped his clothes right off!

Here are a few more takeaways from the Season 1 finale:

• Lemon and George are dunzo. Kaput. No more. After fiendishly throwing together a makeshift wedding for his longtime love, George came to the realization that he was only rushing his I Dos so that he wouldn’t have to face his true feelings for Zoe. Unfortunately, his heartfelt breakup speech was met with a right-hook to the face, courtesy of his (ex) bride-to-be.

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• George and Lavon, on the other hand, came to the conclusion that while they may never be friends again, they can certainly coexist peacefully as Bluebell denizens. The mayor even did everything in his power to help make the called-off wedding a reality!

• Every good finale has a good cliffhanger — and Hart of Dixie pretty much did us in with theirs. Wade and Zoe’s super-sexy romp in the sack — which included actual cuddling! — was capped by a visit from George. Leaving Wade in the other room (and unaware of who was at the door), Zoe was met by the loyal lawyer professing his love (!) and leaving her with a soft kiss. She then returned to her bedroom where an in-the-dark Wade was waiting with a really adorable, “Hey.”

So, are you whistling, um, Dixie after that finale? Hit the comments!

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