Hart of Dixie Boss Previews 'Explosive' Finale That 'Will Have Huge Ramifications'

The CW’s recently-renewed Hart of Dixie wraps up its freshman run tonight at 9/8c with a rocky walk down the aisle — and “extremely huge” romance resolutions.

Here, showrunner Leila Gerstein tells TVLine what else to expect from the season ender, which apparently includes “satisfaction” for all of the ‘shippers out there.

TVLINE | How would you describe the finale? Is it more comedic or dramatic?
It is titled “The Big Day” because big stuff is happening. There are explosions, drama and comedy — and extremely huge resolutions to our triangles.

TVLINE | Which set of ‘shippers will be most satisfied with the outcome of the episode?
There will be satisfaction for everyone involved. There are satisfying decisions made in terms of all of the stories. Certain things are answered, certain things are left open, but it is by far our juiciest episode; it will certainly feel like a season finale. It’s really big — monumentally big! What happens on this day will change everyone…

TVLINE | That’s so ominous — it sounds like a Lost finale!
It’s not like the Lost finale — no one’s gonna die! [Laughs] Spoiler alert: No one will die! No one will die, there’s no hatch, and no aliens are arriving.

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TVLINE | In the promotional photos, we see Zoe and Lemon both dressed as brides. Can we safely assume this is a dream sequence?
I can let you know that Lemon and Zoe are not marrying each other. They could be, but they’re not. Actually, I’m not sure that they could be [married] in Alabama, but they’re not. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Are there any standout Lavon and Lemon moments in the finale?
For me, the book is closed on Lavon and Lemon this season, because I believe Lemon made her choice. But there are still some unresolved things between Lavon and George.

TVLINE | The answer to this one might seem obvious, but will we see Zoe attending George and Lemon’s wedding?
Zoe is not invited to the wedding…

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TVLINE | Speaking of Zoe, will she continue to evolve in the finale, finally embracing Bluebell as her own?
Yes, that will be something for the future of Zoe [now] that she has decided to stay. I mean, today is the wedding day, and there’s not much more on her mind than the fact that the wedding is going on. But the fact that she is staying in Bluebell will have consequences in this episode. That said, this [episode] is much more about the love story… [than] her personal journey as a doctor.

TVLINE | If you had to describe the finale in just a few words, what would they be?
Rainy. Explosive. And it’s pretty epic — it’s big! I will say that decisions will be made in this finale that will have huge ramifications.

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