The Big Bang Theory Finale Explication (AKA 'Burning Questions Answered')

The following contains spoilers from Thursday night’s Big Bang Theory season finale.

When all was said and done, The Big Bang Theory‘s Season 5 finale was, quite literally, out of this world, as Howard “Froot Loops” Wolowitz blasted off into space – but not before tying the knot with Bernadette in an impromptu, makeshift (and quite sweet) rooftop wedding. And the final scene, as TVLine first told you, probably had more than one viewer out there letting slip with a big, “Awww.”

But what happens next for the Big Bang gang? For how long will Howie be a space case? Will Leonard and Penny ever be heading for their own wedding? And what was the significance of that (gasp) PDA between Sheldon and Amy? Here is what series boss Bill Prady shared during a recent press Q&A.

WILL WE SEE HOWARD IN SPACE NEXT SEASON? | That all depends on how much time – some, or none – will have lapsed on-screen between seasons. “But we’ve talked about the possibility of coming back and discovering that Howard’s still in space,” Prady said. In fact, as an added wrinkle, “The possibility exists that something could interfere with the schedule of his return.” Fun fact: The replica Soyuz Capsule built for TBBT is on display at the Beverly Hills Paley Center’s “Television: Out of the Box” exhibit.

WHERE WILL THE NEWLYWEDS LIVE? | “One of the things we have absolutely not resolved is what their living situation will be,” Prady shared. The options include 1) commandeering the master bedroom at Ma’s house, or 2) getting their own place yet still finding three’s a crowd as “Mrs. Wolowitz moves there temporarily because her house is being tented.” (OK, we kinda love that last idea.)

WILL THE NEWLYWEDS GET A BIG WEDDING NEXT SEASON? | At most, we might get invited to the reception Bernadette wanted to have once Howard returns from the final frontier – but only if it offers up a fun storyline. “If it all just simply went well, then we’d just hear about it: ‘Wasn’t that lovely?'”CAN LEONARD AND PENNY REBOUND FROM THE MID-COITUS PROPOSITION? | “They could …. They could not,” Prady hedged. “They could say, ‘This is crazy. Let’s just stop this,’ or they could say, ‘Let’s push forward.’ They have very strong feelings for each other, and their issues have to do with what they currently want in their lives right now. And I don’t think Penny wants to be married. What happened to them this time was… they set up this artificial barrier – ‘We won’t spend time together’ — and then they did, and it was a good time. Rules like that [don’t work].”

SHELDON WENT TO HOLD AMY’S HAND AT THE END. WHAT?! | Rest assured, the perfectly matched geek and geekette won’t be going at it like sylvilagus audubonii anytime soon. “There’ll be no changes in [Sheldon], though I think the character is capable of things we haven’t seen,” Prady noted. “That’s an important distinction to make.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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