Leonard Nimoy and John Noble Tease Fringe Finale - Plus Check Out the Wild New Trailer

As Leonard Nimoy recalls of his previous Fringe run (which closed Season 2), “The [William] Bell character was unresolved. We didn’t quite know whether to trust him or what his intentions really were.”

Well, given the events of Season 4’s penultimate episode, I think we can file this genius scientist under “Not trustworthy.”

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As Fringe regular John Noble notes in this video sitdown with Nimoy, Bell, for whom David Robert Jones had been toiling, “has taken control completely… and I think he’s completely insane at this point.” The challenge for Walter, who was captured by ol’ Belly at the end of last Friday’s episode, is to try to fight back despite knowing “I can’t beat him…. He’s holding all the cards.” Including, we’d like to hope, one that could save gunned-down Astrid’s life.

Press PLAY below to hear Nimoy and Noble reflect on their Fringe collaborations past and present, and tune in for the Season 4 finale this Friday at 9/8c.

As an added bonus, we’ve included the eye-popping, full-length version of last week’s redacted movie-style trailer for the big episode. And is it just our geeky selves, or does that one “outdoors” scene and dialogue evoke Star Trek II‘s Genesis cave-meets-Terra Nova?