Fringe Shockers: David Robert Jones' Boss Is Revealed! And Is [Spoiler] Dead?!

Warning: The following contains major spoilers from this Friday’s episode of Fox’s Fringe. Proceed accordingly.

If Fox had not renewed Fringe last week, the Internet would be on fire right now, torched to the ground, given the jaw-dropping events of Season 4’s penultimate hour.

For starters, very early into the episode it was revealed that the devious, deviant David Robert Jones in fact does answer to someone. And that someone is no less than… William Bell, played by a not-very-retired Leonard Nimoy.

“Don’t confuse a winning move with a winning game,” Belly told his cohort in the wake of the Fringe team snuffing their plan to infect humans with nanobots.

Of course, TVLine just days ago sought to confirm Nimoy’s return, given the wealth of recent hints at Bell’s resurrection. After reminding that the Star Trek alum has a standing invitation to return, EP Joel Wyman said, “Once you kind of realize the extent of everything, it will probably become clear why we’re not [writing ourselves into a corner]” with all the clues.

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During the same conference call, Wyman and fellow exec producer Jeff Pinkner were asked if Jones was perhaps not the biggest bad here. They answered: “The ground will shift and you’ll understand him a little bit deeper.”

Part 1 of the season-ender packed a pair of other punches (no pun intended): Olivia discovered her ability to affect others — to manipulate their molecules or some such thing — when she kept guest star Rebecca Mader from combusting while heating up herself. Liv later put the ability to use by remotely assisting Peter, Hugh Jackman-in-Real Steel-style, during a donnybrook with Jones, a confrontation that ended in the latter’s death.

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Alas, as Peter and Olivia contended with Jones, Walter and Astrid sought to track down Belly himself, at a warehouse. And while Astrid busted a move or two and nearly saved her and Walter from a security team, she took a bullet in the back before they could escape. As the thrilling hour closed, Walter’s longtime assistant slumped down seemingly lifeless, as Bell walked up to and greeted his “old friend.”

What did you think of Fringe‘s flurry of twists and surprises? Do you suspect that William Bell will offer to save Astrid in trade for Walter’s help?

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