Dancing With the Stars Week 7 Results Recap: A Matter of Taste

william levy dwtsNow that the two-left-feeters are long gone, deciding which Dancing With the Stars Bottom 2 couple hits the road “really is a matter of taste,” Bruno pointed out during this week’s results show. So what taste did the judges prefer: mature and pithy or youthful yet petulant? Let’s review how things shook out:

Bottom Two Couples
Roshon Fagan & Chelsie Hightower
Jaleel White & Kym Johnson

Putting Things Into Perspective
Richard “Steele” Vazquez and his hip-hop troupe, Groovaloo, rocked the room a year after a brain aneurysm nearly killed him. So when Brooke asked Maria how her gimpy foot was holding up immediately following Vazquez’s appearance, the Extra host’s partner deftly stepped in. “That was one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen on this show,” Derek said, neatly directing the attention back to the AT&T Spotlight performer. (And don’t worry, Menounos minions: She’s doing okay.)

Back for More
Week 5 castoff Gavin DeGraw returned to perform “Sweeter” with his band while former partner Karina Smirnoff (paired this time with Louis Van Amstel) tore up the floor.

Rumba Dance Off!
Jaleel & Kym: Jaleel said Monday night’s low scores mad him eat cheesecake “like a divorced mother of three,” but it didn’t show during his buff, bare-chested rumba. Highlights: close holds, elegant spins (made even cooler by Kym’s fringe-y ensemble), and a strong connection. Prior to the rumba rumble, Jaleel teased Len about his crotchety nature, saying, “Len is the old guy outside of a grocery store who won’t give a kid any money for candy.” Tom shot back, “That old guy outside the grocery store is about to judge you. Good luck with that.”

Roshon & Chelsie: A tiff between the star and pro that morning, show during their practice montage, made Roshon look like a brat. But the pair apparently patched things up; their rumba was less nuanced but a lot sexier than Jaleel and Kym’s. (You know it’s a good go when accessories, like Chelsea’s earring, go flying.) Bruno noted the Disney Channel darling’s improvement. “You carried your movements so much better than the first time around.”

When the cruel duel was done, the judges’ unanimous vote saved Roshon and Chelsie.

A beaming Jaleel said he originally thought he wouldn’t last past week three. He shouted out his love for his new friends, his fans, and the youthful Roshon, adding, “He’s the little kid outside the grocery store.”

What do you think? Did the judges save the right couple? Did you tear up when Steelo appeared with his crew? And what’s your guess for the word ABC bleeped when Tom was urging the judges to announce the amateur winners? (My money’s on “bitch.”) Sound off in the comments!