Exclusive Grey's Anatomy First Look: Meet Arizona's Ex-'Husband'

Jordan Belfi Grey's AnatomyThe free pass Grey’s Anatomy has given happy-go-lucky newlyweds Callie and Arizona this season is about to expire.

In this Thursday’s episode, Entourage‘s Jordan Belfi checks in as a cancer patient named Nick whose intimate past with Arizona stirs up trouble for the conflict-free couple — but not in the way you’re probably thinking.

“They’re childhood friends,” explains Belfi, who’s set to appear in two episodes. “They have this special bond going back to when they were kids – they were even fake married as kids. They were that close.”

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The Calzona kerfuffle arises when Callie is tasked with performing surgery on Nick, which “essentially puts Arizona’s ‘brother’ in the hands of her wife,” explains Belfi. “It’s interesting to see the way that complicates both Nick and Arizona’s relationship, and the strain that puts on Arizona and Callie’s relationship.”

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