Castle Boss: Yes, a Zombie Attack Just Might Bring Rick and Kate Together

Admit it. When you first heard that the next-to-last episode of Castle Season 4 would involve a zombie cult, you wondered-slash-screamed: “What the flesh?! They’re bringing in the undead just when the Caskett romance is about to flatline?”

But series creator Andrew W. Marlowe is here to reveal how this run-in with walkers will push Rick and Kate to step lively in solving their recent relationship woes.

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“The zombie episode is an enormous amount of fun – it’s going to please the fans of [such] episodes — but we also are dealing with Castle and Beckett being in a really tough place,” the show boss tells TVLine.

For weeks now, Rick has known that Kate lied about not remembering her shooting and any proclamations of love shared immediately thereafter. And as such, “He’s kind of been lashing out at her but not telling her why,” Marlowe says. But as part of tonight’s encounter with the undead, “Castle has to confront his own behavior… and decide whether he can go on like this, if that’s the person he wants to be.”

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First and foremost, the out-there installment is a “really fun, rompy episode,” Marlowe says — and therein lies the catalyst for the showing of cards (and possible revealing of anything else!) that takes place in next Monday’s season finale.

“It pushes Beckett and Castle to this place where, despite themselves and despite how they’re feeling about each other, they recapture a lot of fun of their relationship — and  they have to deal with being confronted with that,” says the scribe. “It gets them each to a point where they start to recognize where they are in each other’s universe.”

And then…? “And then when we get to the finale, we turn things on their head — a couple of times — to get to where we ultimately end up.”


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