Bones First Look: Check Out the Movie Versions of Booth and Brennan

Fox’s Bones is going to the movies next Monday, and TVLine has a first look at Brennan and Booth’s big-screen alter egos — plus a flurry of other photos from the sure-to-be-marvelously-meta episode.

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“The Suit on the Set” revolves around the production of a movie written by Brennan and featuring the characters “Dr. Kathy Reichs” and “Special Agent Andy Lister.” The actors inhabiting those movie roles will be portrayed on Bones by Ashley Jones (The Bold and the Beautiful, True Blood) and Jordan Belfi (Entourage, this Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy).

Dr. Kathy Reichs, of course, is the real-life forensic anthropologist/author upon whom Brennan and Bones are loosely based. Here, she apparently works for W.I.S.K. — the Washington institute of Science and Knowledge.

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Pay attention, and one of the photos suggests that the movie-within-the-TV show is being filmed on a very familiar lot. Cowabunga!