Facing Nikita's 'Wrath': 7 Scoopy Bits From Tonight's Extraordinary Episode

Nikita‘s titular ass-kicker is known for keeping her emotions in check and being calm and self-assured in the face of adversity. Well, that’s all about to change.

Tonight’s episode, “Wrath,” (8/7c, The CW) finds our heroine captured and brutally tortured by an unhinged man from her past. It sounds dreadful, sure, but the result is one of the grittiest, most gripping hours of the show to date.

Here are 7 scoopy bits about the standout ep to tide you over until airtime.

• Remember when showrunner Craig Silverstein warned us of his plans to “start killing people off“? Well — Guardians aside — someone will die tonight, and while the loss is sad and surprising, it’s also kind of necessary. Any guesses?

• I was asked on Twitter earlier this week to describe the level of “Mikita” romance in “Wrath” on a scale of 1-10, and after watching the episode a second time I stand by my initial answer: it spans the whole scale. These two have had a rough go this season, and while the episode (which writer Albert Kim says is one “that the entire season has been building up to.”) certainly has some highs for Mikita, it also has some of the lowest lows we’ve ever seen. My advice: prepare yourselves for heartbreak, but don’t give up hope because these two certainly haven’t.

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• Sure, we’ve seen explosions and torture scenes countless times on Nikita installments past, but never before has Maggie Q been given a chance to dig this deep and go to such a dark place as an actor. Translation: You may want to start prepping those “Emmy for Maggie Q” campaigns… Just sayin.’

• After having recently given fans some insight into Amanda and Nikita’s early days, the thriller offers us a brief but potent glimpse into the former dynamic between Percy and our leading lady. The final flashback scene between them is one of the most memorable of the episode, and really puts into perspective just how much of a “monster” — Nikita’s words, not ours — Percy is and always has been.

• If you’re a fan of the show’s non-romantic relationships, “Wrath” has something for you, too. Look for some really nice moments between Michael and Birkhoff, and Alex and Nikita (whose bond seems stronger than ever).

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• Speaking of… The extremely patient Alex/Sean ‘shippers will be happy to hear that there are some subtle, sweet moments in “Wrath” as well.

•  Are any Nikita fans also former Buffy addicts? If so, listen closely to the music going into the commercial break about halfway through tonight’s episode. Is that score not straight out of Sunndydale?! It definitely brought me back to the Hellmouth.

Now that you know a little more about “Wrath”, how are you feeling? Hit the comments and fill us in!

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