Grey's Anatomy Forecast: Will Lexie Lose Mark for Good? And Who Fails Their Boards?

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t kidding when they titled the May 3 episode “Let The Bad Times Roll.”

In the second May sweeps outing for the veteran medical drama, “The residents agonize over their oral boards, reliving every answer they gave during their exams,” reads ABC’s official synopsis. (More on that in a moment.) Meanwhile, “Arizona’s close childhood friend comes to Seattle Grace for medical help” (OK….) “and the doctors work on a patient who is missing one third of his skull” (cool!).

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But more critically, there’s this: “Julia asks Mark to start a family with her.”

And this: “Catherine tells Richard that one of his residents has failed.”

Now that we have armed you with those two major teases, how do you think things will play out? Vote below and explain your speculation in Comments!